Twitter Video Service And Group Messaging Launched

Twitter Video Service And Group Messaging Launched

In efforts to differentiate itself from Facebook and other rivals, Twitter adds a few more features to keep users engaged

Twitter recently added a few new features to make its micro-blogging platform more useful and relevant. The website added group direct messages and mobile video editing features.

Twitter wants users to connect as groups

The new direct messaging feature for groups offers the same level of privacy that traditional direct messages provide, only this time, the messages are in a shared space. This feature makes it easier for group collaborations or for family members to stay in touch without having to send the same message individually. Another bonus with the group messaging service is that users can send messages to anyone on Twitter and not just those they follow. The private conversations can include up to 20 people in a group. Users can save their groups and change the group names.

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Although Twitter maintains a focus on public conversations, it is trying to create a space for private conversations. Twitter’s latest move is refreshing in a world dominated by over-sharing on social media.

Twitter encourages users to share videos directly from the app

Twitter also added a new video feature that lets users capture footage, edit videos and share clips directly from the application. This feature will eliminate the need to import video clips from third-party services such as YouTube or Vine. Twitter’s product director, Jinen Kamdar, explained that the new video feature simplifies the process of capturing and sharing content. Within just a few taps, a user can upload a video without ever leaving the app.

The video sharing feature also enables users to preview the video as a thumbnail. Kamdar added that the new service allows users to film clips of up to 30 seconds and upload them from their camera roll. The latter feature is exclusive to iPhone users.

The new updates are said to be rolling out slowly over the next few days, starting today. Kamdar added that the updates are taking a long time to reach users.

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