Tip’d Off Tries To Be Wall Street’s Twitter Inc

Tip’d Off Tries To Be Wall Street’s Twitter Inc

Day traders just got their own social network, Tip’d Off, which is billing itself as a “platform where peers can help you make money in the stock market,” but looks like an awful iteration of financial Twitter (h/t Ben Walsh at Huffington Post).

Tip’d Off wants access to your brokerage accounts to solve a non-problem

People have been swapping trade ideas and following tips online (often to their own detriment) for decades, with message boards, forums, and now Twitter, Seeking Alpha… you get the idea. People like to talk their book for the obvious reason that if people agree with them it helps them make money. But there are a couple of strange differences that separate Tip’d Off from the crowd (aside from the promo video, yikes).

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“On other sites, people can post tips and discuss stocks, but you don’t know what trades they’re actually making,” the company writes again and again in slightly different ways. The implication is that people might spend a lot of time talking up stocks that they claim to own when they really don’t, or something. They don’t explain why a person would actually do this.

To solve that non-problem, you are supposed to connect