Thinking Differently (Money Ball); Munsingwear Analysis


Baupost’s Seth Klarman Suggests That The U.S. Could Be Uninvestable One Day

Seth KlarmanIn his 2021 year-end letter, Baupost's Seth Klarman looked at the year in review and how COVID-19 swept through every part of our lives. He blamed much of the ills of the pandemic on those who choose not to get vaccinated while also expressing a dislike for the social division COVID-19 has caused. Q4 2021 Read More


I HIGHLY recommend you go see Money Ball or read the book by Michael Lewis. A metaphor for deep value investing.

Case Study – Munsingwear Analysis Q&A

Who earned their wingtips? That case was about approaching the problem as a business person. First you had to notice the two businesses, then break them out. Stop the bleeding, then leave the rest. Often, the smartest students struggle to resurrect the uncompetitive business. (Buffett at Berkshire Hathaway!)

Next, I will post some questions and supplementary readings for Chapter Two in Deep Value (the book) over the weekend.

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