Man Rents Out ‘Tesla Hotel’ On Airbnb For $85 A Night

One man in Phoenix, Arizona, who owns a Tesla Model S P85, has come up with an innovative idea to earn a few extra bucks from his $115,000 car. Steve Sasman is renting out his Tesla car on Airbnb for $85 a night or $600 a week. You can sleep in it, but you can’t drive it. What’s more, he has built his own website Tesla Renter to promote this venture.

World’s first Tesla hotel

“You can sleep in the world’s first Tesla hotel!” says Steve Sasman. He has equipped the vehicle with little night-lights. This guy has listed the Tesla car as a two-person bedroom. The twin airbed is 6’6″ long and 36″ wide, the listing says. Though the listing categorizes it as a camper/RV, there is no kitchen, TV or bathroom. The Airbnb listing adds, “it goes 0 to sleep in 4.2 seconds.”

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The $85 price includes a pick-up and drop-off at Sky Harbor airport if your schedule matches up with that of Sasman. Otherwise, you can use Uber to get to the Tesla hotel. If you are a first time Uber user, you’ll get it free with promo code: uberTeslaRenter. Check-in time is 4 p.m. and check-out time is 8 a.m., so you log up to 16 hours in the Tesla hotel.

Your private sleeping space

The listing says Tesla’s A/C or heat can run all night uninterrupted because it uses no gas. You can listen to the Internet music on its 17-inch monitor to set the mood. The hotel comes with clean pillows, sheets and a blanket. Sasman assures you that Tesla will be your private sleeping space “securely parked” in his garage. Plus, you’ll get access to the living room, kitchen, TV, private bathroom and shower in his condo.

One condition: you have to get up by 8 a.m. because Sasman needs to get to work. But you are free to hang out or even sleep-in longer on the comfy couch in the condo.