T-Mobile Launches SCORE! Plan For Smartphone Discounts

T-Mobile now offers a new service enabling all users to get free or deeply discounted new mobile phones

T-Mobile wants users to pay a small monthly fee to access discounts on smartphones. Users who pay a $5 fee for six months can qualify for a free entry-level smartphone. Users who pay the same fee for 12 months will be able to access deals on all T-Mobile phones.

John Legere, chief executive officer for T-Mobile, believes this is an “un-carrier” approach to locking in lower rates for smartphones. The new plan is available to all T-Mobile users, even those with the new prepaid plans.

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T-Mobile reaches out to customers on a budget

Last week, the carrier launched a new promotion called Smartphone Equality, which promises customers better phone deals even with poor credit. A part of that offer includes allowing every T-Mobile customer who paid their wireless bill on time for an entire year to qualify for the lowest pricing on mobile devices. When a user is ready to upgrade, they can trade in an eligible device, and the carrier will pay the remainder of the device payment,including the cost of the device.

Sprint offers incentives to lure T-Mobile customers

T-Mobile is not the first carrier to offer discount programs on new phones. AT&T and Verizon offer their Next and Edge plans, respectively. Sprint offers a similar program called Easy Pay, and it has gotten more aggressive in its efforts to take T-Mobile’s customers. In fact, there was a recent promotion guarantee for T-Mobile customers who came on board. The guarantee was that new customers would receive at least $200 in instant trade-in values. Sprint practically pays customers to drop T-Mobile with the $350 buyout promotion.

The new T-Mobile Score plan will be updated from time to time, which is great for those who want a current selection of phones to choose from. Those who don’t upgrade every year will see those $5 charges add up over time. This new promotion still sounds like a worthwhile deal for those who don’t mind paying a small monthly fee in advance.