Edward Snowden Says Apple Inc. Puts Spyware In iPhones

Edward Snowden Says Apple Inc. Puts Spyware In iPhones
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Ex-NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden does not trust Apple. In fact, Snowden believes that Apple has built spyware into all iPhones, and that the spyware can be remotely activated without the user’s permission or knowledge.

A former NSA contractor, Snowden became famous after leaking thousands of classified documents that he took while he was employed at the U.S. intelligence agency. Since the leaks first surfaced back in 2012, he has been charged with violations of the Espionage Act and theft of government property. Edward Snowden has been living in temporary asylum in Russia for over a year now.

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This news alleging built-in spyware on iPhones is particularly ironic given that Apple has has recently undertaken a very public campaign to improve user privacy.

Statement from Edward Snowden’s lawyer

In a recent interview with Russian media, Snowden’s attorney Anatoly Kucherena noted that his client avoided the iPhone. “Edward never uses an iPhone; he’s got a simple phone,” Kucherena said. “The iPhone has special software that can activate itself without the owner having to press a button and gather information about him; that’s why on security grounds he refused to have this phone.”

Kucherena also pointed out in the interview that while Snowden is generally satisfied with life in Russia, he plans to seek permanent asylum in the European Union.

Further details

According to a recent article in the Independent, the NSA has documents that explain how British intelligence agency GCHQ has been using the iPhone’s unique identifier (UDID) in order to track certain individuals. Of note, the documents released to date do not specifically reference any spyware being built in the iPhone, but sources say they expect more leaked NSA documents to be published in the near future.


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  1. Apple doesn’t have engineers and it wasn’t until about 2001 when it finally figured out how to come up with some basic spyware. Back then they used Quicktime to do it. They had contacts in Hollywood who set up a scheme where everybody would require the defunct Quicktime to play Hollywood movie trailers and, of course, as soon as you install Quicktime you will notice in your windows task list some mystery processes that run on your computer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I sounded the alarm about this early on, but the damage has already been done as thousands of technically illiterate households are being tracked by Apple (and who knows who else). What is additionally alarming is that much of the data Apple is stealing is available to ALL of its cupertino highschool dropout employees. It is covered up in concert by our courts and controlled media, but the information has been used illegally in the past, and it still is being used for spying and stalking the masses.

  2. and mds is a moron who needs to take his meds. Snowden is an NSA agent. Do you know what that means? moron?

    Anyway his claims about Apple are absolutely correct. I know Apple intimately well. If there is something sneaky, underhanded, illegal, or something that involves theft of intellectual property, sending former cronies to other companies to sabotage competitors, stealing employee stock options and rigging the US kangaroo courts to ignore it and let the theft continue, APPLE IS DOING IT! You have a choice people. It’s called Android, it’s American, and it’s a fraction of the price of an iCrap and no BS to deal with

  3. hilarious. But truthfully, the guy has presented hard evidence to back up every claim he’s ever made, and some of it is not online, but verified as authentic by other government spy agencies. Wiki leaks wasn’t a conspiracy theorist either, that’s why they ended up in prison for having access to and leaking factual information, that was supposed to be kept top secret. It’s an ethics discussion, but working in the security field the fact remains, 99% of technology has been hacked, or used without owners consent, most people are happy to be ignorant of that fact, until something negative happens to them. It’s hard to convince people weak passwords are not safe, until naked pictures leak from their iCloud account. Or they lose all their money and retirement and blame the banks, and everyone else for the missing money. I see it every day. Apple has no need to steal you money, they just find the most interesting way to convince you to buy more stuff from them. Ethical, that’s the debate. It’s easy to say a criminal who stole your money was wrong, but a search engine tracking your personality and behavior, to sell you stuff? Is that really wrong? Should people have a stronger choice? Are those 50 page legal agreements to strong for corporations, lacking consumer protection, all 21st century grey area’s people need to work out. Without all the facts, knowing both sides of the issue, people can’t make a good decision.

  4. Snowden is a conspiracy theorist, a paranoid idiot; and a Communist defector.
    If you believe anything he says; you may as well believe Putin as well.
    Thank God that he is banished to Russia; and would be tried for treason if he ever sets foot on US soil.
    There are many places where there is no extradition…so why Russia? I think the answer is clear. He is a traitor.
    Is treason still punishable by death? Hope so.

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