Samsung Galaxy S6 Release Date And Other Details You Need To Know

Samsung Galaxy S6 Release Date And Other Details You Need To Know
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The first big mobile release of 2015 will be the flagship handset of Samsung, the Galaxy S6. Already codenamed ‘Project Zero’, this smartphone is well underway within the walls of Samsung, ahead of a potential unveling at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

With this event due to take place in March of this year, the Korean manufacturer is currently making plans for this key device release. So what can we expect from the Galaxy S6 when it is revealed to fans of the Android smartphone? Here are the latest rumors, leaks and other relevant information.

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Samsung Galaxy S6 display

Samsung continues to place a huge emphasis on the screen quality of its devices, and there is no doubt that the Galaxy S6 will continue this trend. Although 2014 was not a hugely successful year for Samsung in financial terms, and the hierarchy of the company was forced to admit that it had failed to satisfactorily move with the times in terms of its portfolio of devices, there was one significant crumb of comfort for the corporation.

The curved screen technology which Samsung had showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas has really caught on, and there are already considerable rumors that Apple will produce the first curved screen iPhone when the next generation handset hits the market in what is presumed to be September. With this in mind, it seems highly likely that there will be at least one curved model of the Galaxy S6.

Aside from this, the Galaxy S6 will almost certainly continue Samsung’s preference for including Super AMOLED Technology in its mobile devices. This has been the favored display technology of the Korean corporation for some time, and there is little suggestion that this is about to be dropped.

Most analysts expect the Galaxy S6 to be significantly larger in display size than the previous iterations of the device, and current estimates suggest that this could be a mobile with a 5.5-inch screen.

Design and build

The Samsung Galaxy S5 was not well received in terms of design and build quality, and in fact some reviews of the smartphone were pretty scathing about the way that its plasticky build quality. This is probably the arena in which Samsung has suffered most strongly in its battle with Apple at the head of mobile device manufacturing, and there will be an onus on Samsung to significantly update the design of the Galaxy S series this time round.

Early rumors regarding the build of the device suggest that the Korean manufacturer could use graphene as a material, as Samsung continues to switch the emphasis of the its device portfolio to a more metallic-dominated build. Leaked images have already given some indication of what the Galaxy S6 may look like, and a particularly thin bezel alignment would seem to be at the heart of this.

Additionally, according to GSMArena, the Samsung Galaxy S6 will be available in Charcoal Black, Copper Gold, Electric Blue and Shimmery White.

Processor, memory and storage

The Galaxy S6 could be another region-specific device, with different models of the smartphone being launched in various locations. This would be in line with previous iterations of the Galaxy S series, which have been powered by Qualcomm processors in Western marketplaces, while relying on Exynos chipsets in East Asia.

There is considerable difference of opinion on this subject, with some sources suggesting that the Galaxy S6 will be powered by one of Qualcomm’s 64-bit processors, while others claiming that Samsung will shift from the policies of the past and arm the galaxy S6 with its own new Exynos 7420; a 64-bit chip with four Cortex-A53 and four Cortex-A57 cores. In relation to this, it is suggested that Samsung will be motivated to make these changes by apparent overheating issues related to the Qualcomm range.

In storage terms, it is likely that the most basic version of the Galaxy S6 will have 32GB of storage capacity, and Samsung still has to make a decision whether it will attempt to match the maximum storage capacity of the iPhone 7, which is already mooted to be 256GB. More likely is that the premium model of the smartphone will be a 128GB version.

Even if Samsung does not make this decision in terms of internal storage, it is highly likely that a micro-SD slot will enable the memory to be effectively doubled. Meanwhile, it is likely that the Galaxy S6 will be fitted with a pretty weighty 3GB of RAM.


When the Samsung Galaxy S5 was released, the Korean electronics giant made its photograph taking capabilities a central part of the presentation used to announce the device. Thus, it seems likely that Samsung will once again feel obliged to significantly upgrade the camera quality in the Galaxy S6.

Analysts seem to have settled on the idea that the Galaxy S6 will feature a 20-megapixel camera. However, SamMobile has suggested that the Galaxy S6 will stick with the existing camera while adding the sort of optical image stabilization functionality which was a feature of the Galaxy Note 4 phablet.

Other info

GSMArena asserts that the Samsung Galaxy S6 will also feature dual-band 802.11a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct, Wi-Fi hotspot, NFC, Bluetooth 4.0, A-GPS and an IR blaster. All of these are pretty much standard features that would be expected.

It is a certainty that Samsung will stick with the Android operating system for this latest galaxy S6 release, and Lollipop would seem to be the most likely version to be utilized.

One innovation which has caused a stir in some quarters is the idea that the Galaxy S6 will come complete with StoreDot super-fast-charging technology. This system was recently demonstrated at the Consumer Electronics Show in las Vegas, and used to charge a Samsung device. However, the timeline related to this smartphone wouldn’t suggest that this would be a logistical impossibility, but do expect to see it included in Samsung devices in the foreseeable future.

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  1. Exactly, it’s going to be in a case most if not all the time. Besides, it’s the internal specs that matter, and Samsung is improving very rapidly unlike apple.

  2. actually i use my S5 all day long and when it hits about 1am the next day ill still have 45-55% battery remaining. So it is definitely an improvement over the iphone

  3. I’ll counter with…

    Because of the mess that is Android and the unreliable nature of it and the Galaxy S5 my next phone will be an iPhone 6s+.

    And battery life of the S5 is no better than the iPhone 4S it replaced. Both need charged every night and are at 30-40% life.

  4. These tech writers seems to think they know what everybody wants. I like the size of the S5, but would love to have it with 3 gigs of ram.

  5. That is one of the things that I have noticed. Most people have their phones in cases. It would seem that the only thing that visually matters is the display. I just want a nice display, big battery, expandable storage, great camera, and 3 gigs of ram. I would love the S5 if it came unlocked with 3 gigs of ram.

  6. I’m a little surprised by the idea that “Samsung has failed to move with the times on their portfolio of devices.” That describes Apple to a T. Maybe they appear to have not moved because they were way ahead of the curve with the Note line and they were the first to start pushing the size up on their flagship phones as well. Their tablets are every bit as good and advanced as the iPads and they have even downsized some of their phones to compete in the “tiny” phone market. If you want to knock them for the bloatware, plastic and faux leather that is fair, but my phones all get a case anyway.

    By the way I have an HTC One, not a Samsung.