Samsung Galaxy Note 5 vs. Galaxy Note 4: What Will Be The Difference?

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One of the most impressive mobile releases in 2014 was the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 phablet. The commercially successful handset was also very well received critically this time round, and Samsung to some extent revealed a blueprint for the device which it may later utilize for the Galaxy S6 and other mobile releases.

Although the Galaxy Note 5 isn’t expected until late in the third quarter of 2015, Samsung will already be working hard on improving the latest device in the Galaxy Note series, given the good reputation it has deservedly earned.

The Galaxy Note 4 has an unrivalled set of specifications in the mobile industry, so improving on these will be no mean feat for Samsung. But the Korean corporation has always prided itself on ensuring that the Galaxy Note series delivers more bang for your buck than any other mobile device on the market, even its flagship Galaxy S range. So we can expect something pretty spectacular when the Galaxy Note 5 hits the shelves, possibly early in October.

Galaxy Note 5 vs. Galaxy Note 4

Processor and chipset

In Western markets, the most likely internal components for the Galaxy Note 5 will be the Snapdragon 810 chipset, paired with 4GB RAM. It is possible that Samsung may consider an Exynos 7420 chipset, and it may also continue its policy of releasing different models of the device in different geographical regions.

Given that Samsung has reportedly considered dropping Qualcomm and its Snapdragon series due to overheating issues, this may be a source of frustration for Western consumers, but logistical issues will probably dictate that there will be no Exynos chipset in the Galaxy Note 5 when it debuts in Western marketplaces.


With the Apple iPhone 7 already rumored to embrace a 256 GB model, it could be that Samsung will feel under pressure to respond to Apple’s iconic smartphone. This could mean that the largest version of the Galaxy Note 5 provides 256 GB of storage.


Some reports have suggested that Samsung will include a 4,000 mAh battery cell in the Note 5, while there have even been rumors that the Storedot technology which was demonstrated at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas could debut in the Galaxy Note 5.

The latter of these rumors seems pretty unlikely, as Samsung is likely to tread carefully with regard to introducing this technology. But having prided itself on outstanding battery life in recent devices, a combination of increased battery cell volume and improved power saving technology will likely make the galaxy Note 5 an extremely nifty device in this department.

4k Display

Some sources, including GSMArena, are suggesting that Samsung will debut its first ever 4K Super AMOLED display with the Galaxy Note 5. This is certainly possible, and it is an absolute certainty that a 4K mobile will emerge sooner rather than later. A good guide to this will be the quality of screen included in the Galaxy S6, as if we see Samsung produce a Quad HD resolution in its display then there will be an onus on them to improve this with the Galaxy Note 5. Regardless of this, a 5.9-inch Super AMOLED display of some variety seems a certainty.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 vs. Galaxy Note 4: What Will Be The Difference?


Recently images suggest that the Galaxy S6 will have an entirely metallic design, and similarly the Galaxy Note 5 might benefit from an aluminum chassis. Certainly this would corroborate with the recent Samsung policy of shifting away from its much criticized plastic-based designs.


Samsung has placed a particular emphasis on the quality of cameras in its mobile devices in recent years. When the Galaxy S5 was unveiled in 2014 at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Samsung chose to spend the majority of its presentation speaking about the photograph taking capabilities of the device.

While the Galaxy Note series hasn’t been quite as lauded for the capabilities of its camera, it nonetheless has one of the very best snappers in the industry. Samsung is expected to significantly upgrade this in the Galaxy Note 5, and rumors are doing the rounds already that the Koran manufacturer could be about to produce something pretty spectacular.

As ValueWalk has reported previously, the Galaxy Note 5 may feature a 27-megapixel rotator camera, which will have particularly ultra-low light sensitivity. It is also suggested that this camera will be the most powerful video capturing tool to ever be included in a smartphone, featuring the capability of capturing 8K resolution videos.

Whether this will come to fruition remains to be seen, but it is certainly an exciting proposition for those intending to purchase this Samsung mobile.


One of the notable aspects of the Galaxy Note series is its S-Pen stylus, which is much loved by consumers and similarly acclaimed by critics. Reports are already suggesting that Samsung is beavering away to improve the functionality related to this stylus, and it may become an even more integral part of the device than it is already.

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49 Comments on "Samsung Galaxy Note 5 vs. Galaxy Note 4: What Will Be The Difference?"

  1. I have a 4K 55″ Samsung tv and I’d love to have 4K on my phone too!

  2. HI, How can you Make your Note 4 to Note 4G LTE ?

  3. Syed Mohammed Ameen | Jan 21, 2015, 7:26 am at 7:26 am |

    Report Says That Samsung Won’t Use Snapdragon 810 In Galaxy S6 Due To Overheating Issues

  4. I LOVE my Note 2 – and am anxiously waiting for NOTE 5! Hurrah, please come quick. I love the touchwiz too, no problem with it. Larger screen size (6-6.5″) would be fabulous! And cannot do without the stylus either. One of the reasons I have never been attracted to any other smartphones is the lack of this amazing device, the S-Pen.

  5. I’m pretty sure that the 2k super amoled display is actually more energy effecient than the old 1080 super amoled displays. I realize that it is more about the advance in the technology of displays than it is about the fact that it’s a higher resolution screen. The higher the resolution, the higher the energy output. Despite all this the point is the display IS actually quite a bit better than my old 1080. Even visually you really can tell a noticeable difference. It’s just a beautiful display and its actually one of the reasons I bought the note 4. Go 2 a store where u can try all the different new phones and compare them and the note 4 really does just standout!! And believe it or not the battery life is pretty amazing on the note 4! And if it had a 5.7 1080 instead of the 5.7in 2k display, i doubt u would get any noteable and worthwhile increase n battery life. I always get at least a full day on a charge and usually much more! And for me the 5.7in note 4 is just at the point where any bigger and I prob wouldn’t have bought it! And I ALWAYS hear ppl saying they love my phone and would buy it if it weren’t so big! And although the touchwiz footprint has gotten much smaller, I do agree that the touchwiz footprint has 2 continue 2 get smaller or go altogether. But with all that said I still think it’s hands down the best device on the market today!!!

  6. 4k is needed for the ocolus rift !

  7. I’d also add front facing speakers, the tiny mono speaker on the back is just a joke for such a premium device.

  8. I would only pay for one if they:
    1) drop tochwiz or simplify it closer to stock android
    2) stop with the massive and unnecessary pixel density. All that does is kill battery without any noticeable improvement to visuals. A 1080p screen with a 5000 mah battery would be unstoppable… Which leads to…
    3) improved battery life.

    A plus would be 6″+ screen. I could stop using both a tablet and a phone. I’ve always wanted a phone radio in my tablet, but they just refuse to do it. I would never hold up a slab to my face -I’m an avid BT user-, so the screen size on my phone is better bigger.

  9. I’m getting 54+ hours on my Note 4 now all on 4gLTE.

  10. I own a NOTE 4 and a Moto X 2014, the UI doesn’t lag at all besides loading my contacts which should be on phone storage instead of SD card. The Note is quicker and more responsive as well.

  11. This article is pure click bait garbage.

  12. Because when a journal writes a headline like this one, you assume they might have SOME actual information, but this article has none. If they have no information at all, why bother publishing. Stories like this are nothing but click bait to generate ad revenue, and shouldn’t be tolerated.

    Your need to insult people says a lot about you.

  13. Qualcomm releases 2 processors a year. The S5 will have a 810, so probably the Note 5 will have a 815

  14. No it doesn’t. The note 4 has a 2k display and a 4k camera. It least mine does…

  15. So if you already know it’s too early to know for sure why did you read the article. You know every year everyone speculates based on what’s available technology wise and what they might copy or improve from the competition and incorporate in the new model. So if you are stating the obvious that nobody really knows. If you thought this article was going to give you secret detailed confirmed information about the specs on the new note 5 then that really says a lot about your comment.

  16. I was planning to get the Note 4 this month (since it’s the best phone right now) and here you are, talking about the N5. Come on. It’s way too soon.

  17. David Montgomery | Jan 18, 2015, 11:41 am at 11:41 am |

    The Note 4 has a 4k super AMOLED Display. The Note 5 would not be the “First ever”

  18. Still has the barometer. They removed temp and humidity.

  19. Oh yes it will. Any aluminum phone will bend.

    Note 4 is however the best phone on the market. Period.

  20. Al Simmons is an idiot. Of course Samsung’s adds are going to tell the consumers about how great their phones are. And then yes the truth comes out. They are quality phones. The consumers buy the phones bc they are good. If the Samsung phones sucked nobody would buy them. I’m very happy with Samsung note 4 edge. I bought it bc i was happy with my Galaxy S4. If Samsungs were “junk” according to Ms Simmons, then they would get bad reviews and be exposed as junk. However they are great and that is why they sell. Advertising only gets you so far.. Why do people keep buying Samsung if they suck so bad? Ohh thats right bc we are IDIOTS who got sold on the adds. You have it backwards Simmons. Apple’s advertising sells their pathetic iphone to the consumer. Samsung’s quality product is why they continue to sell. So all you grown ass adults out there with your IPHONES who think you’re cool, remember that my 10 year old sister has the same boring as phone as you. Along with all of the other middle school kids who just got their first trainer iphones.

  21. Al Simmons is an idiot. F$#k Samsung’s adds telling the consumers about how great their phones are. The consumers buy the phones bc they are good. If the Samsung phones sucked nobody would buy them. I’m very happy with Samsung note 4 edge. Bought it bc i was happy with my Galaxy S4. If Samsungs were “junk” according to Ms Simmons, then they would get bad reviews and be exposed as junk. However they are great and that is why they sell. Advertising only gets you so far.. Why do people keep buying Samsung if they suck so bad? Ohh thats right bc we are IDIOTS who got sold on the adds. You have it backwards Simmons. Apple’s advertising sells their pathetic iphone to the consumer. Samsung’s quality product is why they continue to sell. So all you grown ass adults out there with your IPHONES who think you’re cool, remember that my 10 year old sister has the same boring as phone as you. Along with all of the other middle school kids who just got their first trainer iphones.

  22. Al simmons is a moron i have a note 4 and its great! Guess you must be another brainwashed apple fan

  23. My Note 2 has been great. Stopped using a tablet after that. Rooted it to gain control over data use and apps–perfect. I skipped Note 3 because of Knox and didn’t seem worth the trouble to reconfigure a perfectly working and tweaked Note 2.
    The Note 4 is the best hardware I’ve seen–amazing. I also own an Apple 6. Each has its strong points. The most frustrating thing about the Android phones is the carriers putting bloatware and money grabbing apps on their phones! iPhone? None. Voicemail? Included. Verizon? $10 / month extra. And the Verizon Note 4 has a locked bootloader so no root! Even Apple can be rooted. But Apple gives more direct control over your help data usage and relevant hardware.
    I don’t want to hear about the Note 5 this early. Perfect the Note 4 and get the carriers out of our wallets! Samsung makes a great phone, so control the OS and software too.
    I bought this phone, I want root control, not some carrier intent on robbing customers blind.
    Flex your muscles and listen to the customs Samsung! You don’t need them altering your engineering making maintenance a giant nest of confusion.
    Note 4 rules, now unleash it for those who care about controlling their own data and device.

  24. I agree on the build quality.. I must have dropped it similar amount if times. .. once I cringed at the brutally of it when I used the phone put it on the quilt and went to get out of my bed flipped the phone on to my beds metal bar screen first.. made a horrible noise I thought that was it screens gone.. picked it up to find not even a scratch.

  25. Samsung kills the iPhone in every spec

  26. Johnny Poindexter | Jan 17, 2015, 11:31 pm at 11:31 pm |

    why don’t you just retire to the basement with your 78 rpm records.

  27. You can use a 4k display with a virtual reality head set.

    Isn’t the i phone 6+ have bigger body with a smaller screen than the note 4?

  28. These are nothing but random guesses and pure speculation. No one knows what the Note 5 will be like. This early, it’s unlikely Samsung has nailed down the design yet. What a waste of electrons.

  29. For sure I will retire my Note2 and pick up Note 5.

  30. I agree.

  31. At least, it won’t bend.

  32. iNeedATricorderAlready | Jan 17, 2015, 9:36 pm at 9:36 pm |

    More likely it’ll have the new 810. Hopefully, they bring back the sensors they took out. Bring back the thermometer and barometer Samsung!

  33. Ive owned the Note 4 since it was 1st released and I can say this phone is nothing short of amazing. One thing im extremely impressed with is its build quality. I dont have or never have put a case on it and I kid you not I’ve must have dropped the phone over 20 times already, a few times flat on its screen on concrete. And guess what…. not a single crack, dent, or scratch, nor does it bend. Lets see and iphone do that

  34. I have the Note 4 with T-Mobile here in the NYC area. I tell you my speed tests for LTE are insanely fast. I average over 55mbs in the South Bronx. I got as high as 77mbs download today. The 4k videos also look great on my 70 inch Vizio .

  35. The Note 5 hardware will be:
    Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 815
    CPU: Krait OctaCore 64 bit, 2,3ghz
    GPU: Adreno 500
    RAM: 4GB
    Display: 6″ Super AMOLED QuadHD
    Camera: 20 Mpix, Samsung Isocell, OIS+ and LaserFocus
    Front Camera: 5Mpix with OIS and flash
    Battery: 3600mAh

  36. Samsung “junk”? Well i bought my Galaxy S4 when it first came out and im STILL waiting to encounter a problem with it.

  37. I have the Note 4 and it is waaaaaay better than tge other phones I see around me. I didn’t know how creative I could be with the s pen. Too soon to talk about a 5 for sure. Let me enjoy the best out there until we get closer to the debut!

  38. You lost your mind or what?? Note5??? Whats the rush? We have almost 10 month untill the galaxy note 5 and you allready kill the note 4??
    You crazy man.
    It is not normal to talk about the note 5 almost a year before its born.
    I do not understand this madness.

  39. Bugs on the Note 4? Not many. I think less trouble than i had on my iPad with iOS8. Let’s just hope they don’t rush Lollipop. One advantage of this Samsung and Verizon delay with Android updates, they tend to work very well out of the gate when they finally do get released. At least in my experience.

    Now, could Verizon please refrain from compromising the security and privacy on their mobile devices? I think that’s a bigger issue than forum piefights over Apple vs Google.

  40. Oh and I honestly have not encountered one single bug or freeze or crash or even lagging of any kind!!!! Even the touchwiz ui which has been known to b laggy, doesn’t lag at all!!!! The whole ui runs beautifully and so smooth!! I recommend this phone 2 everyone!! Couldn’t b happier.

  41. I gotta say as someone who switched from an iPhone 6 plus to a note 4.. the note 4 IS a much better device! And it makes so much better use of the 5.7 in screen with the s pen, multitasking and the beautiful uhd display! I still like apple products and LOVE my iPad but when it comes to the phablet market the note 4 is second to none!! Removable and longer lasting battery, expandable storage, the actually useful s pen, all the customization and ability 2 personalize. I could see 4 older and less tech savvy ppl the iPhone 6 + could b a better choice but I am so much happier with my note 4 than the 6+. In fact I’ve never been happier with a phone purchase! I have had it for about 2 months and haven’t used my iPad the entire time! Truly is an awesome device!

  42. I don’t like any of the form factor changes being talked about. The Note 4 is almost too big as it is, but otherwise really good. By all means upgrade the processor and memory, but I bought it over the Nexus and the iPhone 6+ precisely because it was smaller and easier to hold, and I’d have bought a Galaxy S5 if it had the Note’s internal specs, styling and display quality. And why 4K? You can’t make out the pixels any more as it is, and the existing display is so good it deserves to be kept. The Note 4 deserves perfecting, not reinventing. You don’t reinvent the wheel; you make it more durable and more true.

    Improve what can actually be improved and not just altered. Focus on even better battery life, eliminating overheating for good, further strengthening the display backlight for outdoor use, better external speakers, a better earpiece, further improving the camera, more processing power, better security, better and more sensors that improve the versatility of the device, water resistance, toughness, and getting rid of the software goop and making it more straightforward to use.

  43. Note 4 is a beast!!! iPhone is boring and sucks..

  44. GAWD I love my Note 3, can’t wait for this. My upgrade at Vz is going to coincide with Thanksgiving so Christmas is going to be a lot of fun.

  45. At least lollipop doesn’t brick phones like iOS 8 did

  46. I just got a iphone 6 plus and right out of the box its FREEZ O RAMA G A L O R E ! Almost every icon I pressed caused it it to freeze and reboot. I had a Note 3 and still have it and boy…… trust me, Samsung is superior to Apple as of now. I was one of the first to buy the iphone when it 1st came out years ago and was tremendously happy with it because it worked perfectly ! Ever since then. Apple has dug a hole for its self letting technology pass on by thereby losing me in the process. Now, Apple has the size, ok features to keep on par but……. rushed out to combat Samsung sabotaging quality control !

    I wont go to a Note 4 because its practically still a Note 3 with minor changes. However, I never had not one bug, freeze up, or a glitch associated to my Note 3 and thats a huge recommendation to Samsung ! !st impressions count which correlates the Iphone 6 to a EPIC failure. I’ll try again for 7 and got a feeling the OS will be stable this time aroung noting the embarrassment this debacle has caused.

  47. You probably have Apple bugs in your brain

  48. If I had to guess I would say you are a iSheep apple person, maybe that’s just the Samsung hater coming out in you? My next phone will be a windows phone but I still have and use every day my Samsung Galaxy SIII with no problems its still in pristine condition also. No consumer replaceable battery no expandable memory (yes I love spending 80 bucks for a new battery < lol not) So keep on hating! ( When you capitalize every letter it makes what your saying more believable lol not true)

  49. LMAO, Samsung is JUNK.
    They bomb the consumer with billions of adds stating it’s a great phone, then the truth comes out
    that they’re full of bugs (samsung doesn’t fix just sells IDIOT’s on next models).
    Current Samsung owners, do NOT think that Lollipop will fix all the bugs.
    Recent tests show that most users want to go back to Kitkat because the phone is worse.

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