Netflix, BBC Contract Expiring Soon, Fans Worried

Netflix may not stream shows such as Doctor Who and Luther starting Feb. 1, as the contract between the streaming company and the BBC expires on that date, according to The Huffington Post. It was expected that both Netflix and the BBC will renew their agreement immediately, but as of now, there are no such plans in sight.

Disappointment for Doctor Who fans

The news comes as a setback to fans of Doctor Who, a science fiction series that gained more popularity after its availability in the United States through Netflix since its re-piloting in 2010. According to a report from CNET, Doctor Who was among the top 10 Netflix shows in 2013. Fans of Doctor Who have already started campaigning to save the show on Netflix.

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If there is no renewal of the contract, then fans will be missing shows like Little Brain and the original House of Cards. Shows such as A Bit of Fry & Laurie, Black Adder, Coupling, Little Britain and many more will also stop on Netflix once the contract expires.

However, users who watch the BBC shows on Netflix can be hopeful. It might be possible executives at Netflix are trying hard to renew the contract. However, as of now, there have been no comments from either of the companies.

Netflix focuses on original content

With the contract expiring, Netflix will be at risk of losing popular BBC shows, but the streaming service is now more focused on original content, and many new shows are lined up to premier in 2015, including Daredevil and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. The third season of the popular show House of Cards is also in line, along with the third season of Netflix’s loved dramedy Orange is the New Black.

The streaming service is investing millions of dollars into original content, attracting applause as well as criticism from investors and analysts. Netflix is planning not just one or two but over 30 original shows in the next couple of years, which will put pressure on margins but is also a necessity for the company to survive, according to Trefis.