Microsoft Corporation Unveils Windows 10 For Phones

Microsoft Corporation Unveils Windows 10 For Phones
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Microsoft unveiled the Windows 10 for mobile devices during a special event today. The software giant described it as a cross-platform operating system.

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The software giant is expected to roll out the Windows 10 later this year.  The software giant will offer the operating systems as a free upgrade to users

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Windows 10 enables innovation across a broad range of devices

During the event, Terry Myserson, executive vice president of operating systems at Microsoft said Windows 10 is the “only platform that enables innovation across a broad range of devices.”

Myserson provided an overview of the three key areas of the Windows 10 that are ripe for innovation and geared towards improving customers’ lives and the mobility of experience as the core.

Technology observers suggested that Microsoft’s objective is similar with the goals of Apple with its Continuity on Macs and iOS Devices.

The Windows 10 works with smartphones and tablets smaller than eight inches. According to Myserson, it is challenging to obtain content to and from devices. He emphasized that Microsoft is embracing mobility across devices and he presented different ways to improve users experience including single-gesture printing and transferring Skype calls among others.

Familiar start menu is back with Windows 10

Windows VP Joe Belfiore discussed the different features of Windows 10 including the Start menu and improved multi-tasking.

Belfiore emphasized that the familiar Start menu is back on Windows 10. The platform also offers new improvements particularly the ability for user to personalize the live tiles for apps, people and websites on their mobile devices.

According to Belfiore, Microsoft brought back search and it is located on the task bar. The software giant also added a new task button on Windows 10 to allow users to allow users to quickly switch between their open apps. The company also made it easier and faster for users to snap a window on their devices. Users can now snap four apps on the same screen.

Tech observers noted that interesting improvement is the Action Center, which syncs with the PC’s action center. For example, if user dismisses a notification on a device, it automatically does the same to all other devices synced to it. The improvement provides a more organized and better-designed settings menu.

All Windows 10 devices will be integrated with the Xbox app. Cortana is also available and its ability in transcribing messages is better. The biggest part of Microsoft mobile is the universal apps for developers.

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  1. You can install window 10 in under an hour. It can be done without any interference with programs or files. It runs fast and is definitely a step forward.

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