Microsoft Introduces New Internet Browser ‘Spartan’

Microsoft Introduces New Internet Browser ‘Spartan’

In efforts to compete with Google Chrome, Microsoft just introduced its new browser, Spartan. The new internet browser was unveiled during today’s Microsoft 10 event.

The new browser is based on Webkit rendering technology rather than the company’s in-house Trident engine. What sets this apart from rivals is that it is ideal for collaboration. Spartan allows users to mark up or draw on the page directly. Users can also click anywhere on the page to leave a comment. What’s more is that Cortana is coming to the browser to improve the way users search. There is also a reading list feature that makes it easy to save articles for later offline reading. You can also sync it from your computer to your phone and vice versa.

A new horizon with Spartan

Microsoft’s new Spartan browser is proof the company is distancing itself from the Internet Explorer brand. The browser has been around for 20 years but by the mid-2000s, it lost credibility in terms of standards for compliance and security.

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Unfortunately, Spartan won’t be in the first preview builds for Windows 10. It will take even longer to get to smartphones.

Xbox and Windows 10 share universal apps

One of the most exciting things about the new Windows 10 is its compatibility with the Xbox One. It should be noted that universal Windows 10 apps will work with the Xbox One. Universal apps are also known as cross-platform apps and include Skype, Outlook, Calendar, and Photos, among other apps. These are core apps to add to the complete Windows user experience.

Most people access the internet by means other than a computer, often through smartphones, tablets, television sets, or game consoles. It’s important for Microsoft to expand its products and services beyond the personal computer while creating services for the growing markets. Microsoft has gotten a lot of slack in the last few years for not updating its products to meet the current demands of the market.

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