McDonald’s Japan Apologizes After Tooth, Plastic Pieces Found In Meals

The management of McDonald’s Holdings Japan sincerely apologized to customers after a tooth and plastic pieces were found in its meals. The company promised to ensure the safety of its food.

McDonald's Japan Apologizes After Tooth, Plastic Pieces Found In Meals

Mc Donald’s Holdings Japan issued an apology on Wednesday after a customer found a 1 ½ inch strip in a Chicken McNugget during the weekend. The incident prompted the company to stop the sales of chicken nuggets, which came from a plant in Thailand. The company is still investigating the cause of the contamination.

Last December, a child’s mouth was injured by a piece of plastic that was mixed in an ice cream sundae. The plastic fell into the dispenser when it was being assembled.

Another customer who bought a Big Mac meal in August found a tooth mixed in the fries. McDonald’s explained that none of its employees at the restaurant or its supplier lost a tooth. The company added that there were no signs that the tooth has been fried.

McDonald’s food is safe

During a news conference, Tekehiko Aoki, senior vice president of McDonald’s Holdings Japan assured customers the company’s food is safe. According to him, “I am confident that my family can eat McDonald’s products.”

In addition, Aoki emphasized that company’s response to each of the incident “has been appropriate. He explained that the management’s handling of every case is different.

McDonald’s changed supplier

McDonald’s Holdings Japan changed the supplier of its chicken nuggets less the six month ago to improve consumer confidence for the quality of its product. The company is now getting its nuggets from Cargill Thailand.

The decision came after its Chinese supplier; Shanghai Husi Food was accused of selling expired meat. Back in August, McDonald’s said “there is no compromise to the well-being and food safety standards” and it “has zero tolerance for malpractices.”

McDonald’s has been suffering sales decline even prior to the food safety scandal involving its Chinese meat supplier. However, the incident had a major impact on the confidence of customers regarding the quality of its products.

Last November, McDonald’s Holdings Japan reported that its financial results for the third quarter have been largely affected by the food safety scandal involving Shanghai Husi. The company has been implementing plans and strategic investments to regain customers’ confidence in its food.