Curved, Self-Healing LG Flex 2 Smartphone Set For Release

LG announced the release of the smartphone during a press conference at tech show CES 2015 today. Eric Limer of Gizmodo claims that the new model is a vast improvement over the previous version, which bucks the trend for ever-larger smartphones by in fact being smaller than its predecessor.

LG Flex 2  – Improved specifications

The new model has a 5.5-inch screen, just like its stablemate the G3, with smaller bezels and improved screen quality over the previous generation, featuring full HD and 403 PPI. However the standout design feature of the phone is its 23 degree arc.

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Other features include a cutting-edge Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor and Android Lollipop 5.0. The camera has also been improved, and now features dual-flash and OIS, but Limer claims that although it is far better than its predecessor, blurry photos are still a problem. You can add extra memory for storing your photos using an increasingly rare MicroSD card slot.

Supposed “self-healing” properties have also been improved, but still left Limer unimpressed. He claims that the phone will heal itself from very minor damage, but not from the kind of scrapes and scratches that could easily occur during daily use.

LG Flex 2  – Release date and outlook

The first release of the G Flex 2 will be in the Korean market, but precise information on a U.S. release date has not been forthcoming. Prices seem set to take a hike, with LG targeting the high-end smartphone market.

Lynn La of CNET says that the improvement in specs, as well as the curved design, could pique consumer interest in the phone. She claims that “if the success of many top-tier smartphones reveals anything about the market, it’s that people are more willing to pay up if the specs are right.”

Could LG be on to a winner with the new G Flex 2? If so, could we be set for a wave of (intentionally) curved smartphones in 2015?