iPhone 6 Survives Drop Test From Space [VIDEO]

iPhone 6 Survives Drop Test From Space [VIDEO]
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Apple’s iPhone 6 and 6 Plus might have faced multiple issues like bendgate, dyegate, burngate, hairgate and others. But those issues were overblown. A new drop test from space demonstrates the solid construction and durability of the iPhone 6. We have already seen the iPhones being stuck in molten lava and dropped from planes.But the new test involves dropping the iPhone 6 from the stratosphere.

iPhone 6 survives fall from the stratosphere

The test was conducted by iPhone case maker Urban Armor Gear In November, but it shared the video only recently. A silver iPhone 6 in an Urban Armor Gear case was sent into space from the British countryside using a weather balloon. There were two GoPro cameras, a GPS locator, a flight rig and a backup phone. The iPhone 6 ascended to 101,000 feet into the atmosphere before the balloon ruptured, and the phone started its downward journey

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During its journey, the phone had to withstand temperatures of -79 degrees Fahrenheit and 70mph winds. Upon descent, it was subjected to 150 RPM rotation speeds. The iPhone 6 was turned on at launch, but it later froze and shut off due to cold weather. However, a parachute was deployed to prevent the device from becoming a lethal projectile.

Urban Armor cases offer military-grade protection

The flight rig broke at landing but the iPhone survived. The device was fully functional after being recharged. That’s pretty interesting given it didn’t have a screen protector. The Urban Armor Gear’s composite case promises military-grade protection. Urban Armor Gear co-founder Steve Armstrong said that the company’s cases already meet military drop-test standards.

Separately, Apple’s new iPhones have a big new competitor. Earlier this week, Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi launched Mi Note and Note Pro phablets to take on the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. The super-slim Mi Note features a 5.7-inch display and13MP main camera. It costs 2,299 yuan ($372) for 16GB, about half the price of the iPhone 6 Plus. The Note Pro version comes with 4GB RAM and Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor. The Chinese company is going to give Apple some tough fight.

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