Intel Corporation Moves Closer To Wire-Free Computing

Intel Corporation Moves Closer To Wire-Free Computing
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Working on its objective to create a wire-free PC, Intel has come up with a new chip that offers a glimpse of wire-free technology

Intel is inching closer to creating a wire-free technology for personal computers, and on Thursday, the chip maker informed the tech community that its latest chip offering numerous wire-free features for work computers is now available. Intel confirmed its plans to create a wire-free PC by next year.

Intel’s new chip better than its predecessors

The fifth-generation Core vPro processor enhances performance, increases battery life and optimizes graphics, according to Intel. Tom Garrison, general manager of Intel Business Client Platforms, said in a statement, “We aim to transform the user experience by helping them compute from virtually anywhere without the clutter and burden of wires.”

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Cutting out wires has been a long-time aspiration of tech companies, but it never materialized due to the need to connect peripheral devices such as a keyboard and display, along with a power source. However, with the advancement in wireless charging technology and super-fast, short-range wireless connections with the help of WiGig technology, it has become possible to reduce the number of wires needed.

More ease for executives, IT Department

Intel has added two new functions to its latest chip to reduce the mesh of wires in the workplace. With the help of these new chips, Intel will be able to make things easier for those who frequently use their laptop on the go or work from home.

The new chip is embedded with a wireless display technology allowing executives to share presentations on conference room displays without cords and wireless docking,enabling them to connect their laptops to a large monitor, keyboard and mouse. In the previous set of chips, these two features were in the testing phase.

To ensure that corporate information is not compromised, irrespective of the location where the computer is, Intel has created the CorevPro line specifically for work PCs. These chips are built with better security features compared to Intel’s consumer chips, allowing IT departments to access corporate computers remotely to upgrade or repair the devices from any location in turned-off mode.

More importantly, Intel will be hoping that the new wire-free features can also help in maintaining demand for the PCs, even as more consumers are shifting toward smartphones and tablets for their daily computing needs. 2014 has been a relaxing one for the PC market, bringing stability and, in turn, boosting Intel’s profits and stock price.

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