Look How Small Earth Is Compared To The Sun [IMAGES]

Look How Small Earth Is Compared To The Sun [IMAGES]

United States is bigger than all but three countries in the world. Humans are bigger than ants, which in turn are much bigger than bacteria. It all depends on your perspective. We or our country or our planet are far too small in the grand scheme of things. John Brady of Astronomy Central takes offers a look at how small Earth is compared to the Sun.


1,300,000 Earths can fit inside the Sun

The Sun is an enormous ball of burning light. It contains 99.86% of the total mass of our solar system. That means all the planets, moons, comets and everything else in the solar system fits in the remaining 0.14% of the solar mass. The Sun is 1,391,000 kilometers (864,400 miles) across, which is about 109 times the diameter of Earth. It weighs 333,000 times as much as our planet. Pretty big, isn’t it?

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