Galaxy Note 5: Amazing Concept With 4K Display, All Metal Design

Galaxy Note 5: Amazing Concept With 4K Display, All Metal Design
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Samsung’s latest phablet Galaxy Note 4 has received pretty good response. But the device lags behind the iPhone 6 Plus in terms of sales. This year, Samsung is expected to release some revolutionary high-end devices, including the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy Note 5, to take on the rising competition from Apple and Chinese rivals. Based on the Korean company’s usual release cycle, the Galaxy Note 5 should be announced in September.

4K display a possibility in Note 5

It means the device is at least eight months away from launch. But it hasn’t stopped concept designers from coming up with their own visualizations of the Galaxy Note 5. Earlier this week, we saw an interesting design from Maryum Ayub, which has a full-metal body and a curved display on both sides. Now Sunny Gandhi has unveiled a riveting concept of the Galaxy Note 5.

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Gandhi imagines the device with a full-metal design, and all-new 4K display. The 4K display seems to be a possibility because Samsung has already been working on the technology. Sources familiar with the matter told Phone Arena that Samsung will start mass production of 5.9-inch Ultra HD (4K) display in August this year. It will have a resolution of 3480 x 2160 along with a pixel density of 743ppi. The production time-frame is in line with the Galaxy Note refresh cycle.

Galaxy Note 5 to have 27MP rotator camera

Sunny Gandhi’s rendering has 3.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor or octa-core Exynos chipset with 3GHz frequency. It is packed with 4GB RAM, an advanced TouchID button and retina scanner. The rendering has very thin bezels. Gandhi says the Galaxy Note 5 will have a 27-megapixel Ultra Low Light sensitive rotator camera. It will be capable of capturing 8K resolution videos.

It will also have an improved S Pen stylus. Sunny Gandhi notes that the Galaxy Note 5 won’t be cheap. With such high-end specs, the device could be priced close to $1,000 off-contract. Samsung has historically launched its new Galaxy Note line phablets at the IFA conference. So, it’s safe to assume that the Note 5 will be announced around the same time.

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