Facebook Inc (FB) Video Is Getting Bigger


Facebook is sending out more signals to marketers and rivals that it is one of the biggest players in the online video world. The social networking site reported a global increase of 75% in the number of videos uploaded to its network since last year. For the U.S., the percentage is much higher at 94%.

Facebook Inc (FB) Video Is Getting Bigger

Facebook get bigger and bigger

The numbers were revealed in an official blog post meant to direct video creators on how to make their videos distinctive. It is evident from the growth numbers that Facebook’s video-favoring adjustments to users’ News Feeds are working. The total number of videos in users’ feeds surged 3.6 times over last year, and over 50% of daily Facebook users watch at least one video per day, according to the blog.

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One probable reason for this phenomenal rise is the viral videos from the Ice Bucket Challenge last summer. On a daily basis, more than one billion videos are being watched on the social network. There is sufficient evidence to suggest that Facebook is sprinting ahead to become number one. In October, a report from comScore suggested that on desktop, Facebook has outperformed Google’s platform in monthly video views.

Advice to video creators

In a blog post, the California-based company stated that video creators should be attentive to the fact that users will find their videos in their News Feeds next to photos from friends or status updates from relatives. Therefore, the video should complement the other things in News Feeds and be something that the audience likes to watch more and share.

“Finally, it’s important to know what your audience likes. Look at your video insights to understand what people enjoy seeing, and what doesn’t work so well,” said the blog post.

With the launch of auto-play videos and consumers ditching PCs for mobile devices, it has become important to focus on posting videos that attract the attention of people right from the first frame. Videos that are short in length attract users more and become more popular. In the News Feed, these videos play on mute, and users have the option to watch it with sound. Therefore, videos that attract people’s attention even without sound are successful, states the blog post.

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