Americans Reject Scientific Opinion On Evolution, Climate [STUDY]

Evolution Climate Change

Close to 25% of the general public said that there was no strong evidence that global temperatures were rising

There is a huge gap between the opinions of general public and scientists when it comes to evolution, climate change, and genetically modified foods. A new study conducted by Pew Research Center shows that most Americans reject the Darwinian theory of evolution, consider genetically modified foods unsafe, and don’t believe that human activity was responsible for global warming.

Only 65% Americans believe in Darwinian evolution

Pew Research conducted the survey in collaboration with the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). The research firm interviewed 2,002 U.S. adults across the country, and compared their responses with those of the 3,748 AAAS scientists. The survey found that 31% of the general public believe that humans have existed in their current form right from the beginning.

About 65% of the general public said that humans have evolved over time. By comparison, a huge 98% scientists believed that evolution had happened through natural processes. A lot of Americans are afraid that accepting the science of evolution would make life meaningless, and morality would collapse, reports Chris Mooney of The Washington Post.

Americans have embraced genetically modified foods. GM foods are cultivated on 170.4 million acres of land in the United States. But a significant portion of the American society still considers GM foods unsafe. The survey found that only 37% of the general public believe that genetically modified foods are safe to eat. In contrast, an overwhelming 88% scientists had no concerns consuming GM foods.

Big difference in opinion over climate change

Climate change is another topic where the opinions of two groups differ dramatically. The survey found that only 50% of the broader public believed that climate change was mostly caused by human activity, compared to 87% of scientists. Close to 25% of the general public said that there was no strong evidence that global temperatures were rising.

However, there were a few things on which the two groups had a pretty similar opinion. For instance, 64% of the broader public and 68% of scientists agreed that the International Space Station (ISS) has been a good investment for the United States.

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14 Comments on "Americans Reject Scientific Opinion On Evolution, Climate [STUDY]"

  1. The other thing that makes this “research” very hard to interpret is the formulation of the questions. e.g. “humans have evolved over time”. Unfortunately most people have been trained not to take this statement at face value but to read into this statement that what is really construed is that agreeing to this statement means that you also agree with the narrative that life came into existence by a chance happening in a primordial soup and from that chance occurrence, life evolved into humans and every other life form that has ever existed on the planet. A scientist may look at this question in the limited scope of the statement… similar to the Darwinian bird observations that led to the theory… does a species change in response to its environment?… and respond in the affirmative, regardless of what the scientist might think about how life actually began or the more profound question of whether one species can evolve into another. The public however, will most likely interpret the question to mean something much farther reaching simply because the media and progressive liberals have used controversy over this issue to pad their pockets over the years.

  2. The operative word here is opinion. What I find frustrating is that once someone dons the mantel of science, it’s assumed that everything they say or do is based on science. This is not the case. To say that we can run a scientific experiment that shows that human activity is the singular cause of present changes in climate is patently not true. But when a ‘scientist’ offers an opinion on the matter, that opinion is treated like scientific fact. An opinion is just that… a supposition based on someone’s biases, experiences, feelings, moods etc. Whenever we dig into our positions based on opinions we will not be able to have useful discussion on a subject.

  3. The problem with the GMO thing is objection can not be to being GMO itself but to related issues included–
    Giving too much control over the food supply to a couple corporation.
    The corresponding increase in pesticide use with pesticide-tolerate GMO crops.
    Increased pesticide-resistance weeds due to increased pesticide yes.

    (And don’t forget that scientists are paid by companies that make all that crap.)

  4. I tend to doubt that….

  5. All voted for George McGovern for president.

  6. Only 2/3 of the US populist believe in Darwinism?? Maybe because the other 1/3 are Christians that believe that God is testing people’s faith by putting dinosaur bones in the Earth???

  7. Lmfao

  8. Keeping up with the Jones’ s.

  9. This is mostly because of they way it is explained. In technical writing, I was taught to write to the lowest common denominator. ..or the simplest of the people that would read the manual.

    What people aren’t looking at is that it will get colder, south of the poles, before it get’s warmer. As the icebergs break off of the poles, they drift south…cooling the oceans and creating nor’eastern and violent storms. But eventually, those icebergs will melt, and the water will warm up again.

    Look at it like dropping an ice cube into room temp water (but that ice cube actually came from the north pole). The water will get colder, as the ice melts. But, once the ice melts…the water will return to room temp. This isn’t exactly the issue though; because while the ice cube is melting, the room is heating up. When the ice cube started, room temp was 72f, after it melted the room temp rose to 73.4f. And, more ice will be coming as the poles melt. With this, the ice cubes that get put in the glass will melt faster and faster, as the room temp rises and rises. Soon, the poles will no longer have ice and the room temperature will stabilize at a temperature that will be unsustainable for some species and crops.

    There is another fracture to the equation. Since the Earth’s axis is shifting, this is adding to the melting of the poles. the poles are heading towards a southern position expediting the melting. This equation is totally being ignored when global warming is being explained. No, it is not a cause of global warming, but it is expediting the melting of the caps to go with the global warming, making the entire situation toxic soon.

  10. “…most Americans reject the Darwinian theory of evolution…” vs “…65% Americans believe in Darwinian evolution.”

    Can you please explain the meaning of “most” as you understand it, Vikas?

    True, it’s pathetic that 35% of ‘muricans DON’T believe in evolution (I’m guessing that all 35% live in Huckabee’s “Bubbavilles”), but 35%, last time I checked, was still a significant minority.

  11. The largest gaps in the study were based on GMOs, animal research, and pesticides. So why are climate change and evolution the stories here? Because the three on top are generally left-leaning issues while the two that made the headline are right-leaning ones?

  12. …and the public.

    So many dumbasses that just want stuff and status who could care less about actual integrity.

  13. It’s pretty impressive how the author can claim “Americans reject…” when half or more agree with scientists. I smell a GOP misdirect here.

  14. The cheating rate is about 90% in our education systems. You do not have to go any further than that to understand the issues with Science.

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