Elizabeth Warren, liberals pick fight with Obama over Treasury nominee Antonio Weiss


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Elizabeth Warren, liberals pick fight with Obama over Treasury nominee Antonio Weiss

Upon returning from Hawaii this week, President Obama will confront a growing firestorm around a key Treasury nominee, with senators across the ideological spectrum seemingly ready to do battle with the White House in one of the first political fights of 2015. The confirmation of Antonio Weiss – tapped by Mr. Obama to serve as Treasury’s…

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  1. I tend to support Warren’s argument here, but I’m not entirely sure or committed to that. In my view, his experience probably does bias him, but not necessarily. I think that challenging his nomination by asking him tough questions is a very good idea, but to go into that investigation with an open mind and make no presuppositions on either side. If he demonstrates a commitment to restraining excesses–if he shows himself to be an ally to Warren and others who want more oversight, then perhaps he can earn a victory. But if he is simply going to grease the wheels of corruption, that is not OK.

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