A DEEP Value Investor/Activist in Action: Lecture 1; Lesson 2

A DEEP Value Investor/Activist in Action: Lecture 1; Lesson 2

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Lecture 1 The main points from Lesson 1

Jot down his numbers. Do you agree? Read through the transcript Other Peoples Money_2 then see the video again. What you saw was value investing in action. Many of my videos are meant to entertain but this one has much to teach. Note his SEARCH and VALUATION PROCESS.

How Value Investors Can Win With Tech And “Fallen” Growth Stocks

Valuation Present ValueMany value investors have given up on their strategy over the last 15 years amid concerns that value investing no longer worked. However, some made small adjustments to their strategy but remained value investors to the core. Now all of the value investors who held fast to their investment philosophy are being rewarded as value Read More

Now view the activist. Note the divergent incentives.

A Prayer (Video link) What do YOU think?

A Prayer for the Dead. Amen, Amen, and Amen.

For Masters of the Universe (Investment Bankers)

Try this case study. Case Study – Munsingwear. If you struggle, here is a hint: What would you tell someone who kept banging their head on the wall and complained of a headache? In five days I will post the answer. This is an actual case so don’t cheat by Googling it. This case is about thinking like Larry the Liquidator :).

Next week, I will post more on Lecture 1 and you should plan to read Chapter two in DEEP VALUE and the Chapters 1 & 2 in Quantitative Value. We will study those chapters AFTER next week. I am just giving you notice.


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