Deep Value Investing: Dangerfield in a Finance Class/Search Strategy

Deep Value Investing: Dangerfield in a Finance Class/Search Strategy by CSInvesting

Why do the typical MBA classes teach Beta, Capital Asset Pricing Theory, Value at Risk? Do those terms and theories have anything to do with REAL investing? What would Benjamin Graham say about the typical MBA finance class? We will delve into those terms in another reading (Discussed in Montier’s book, Value Investing–which was emailed to YOU.)

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Mangrove Partners Narrowly Avoids “Extinction-Level Event”

Nathaniel August's Mangrove Partners is having a rough 2020. According to a copy of the hedge fund's August update, a copy of which ValueWalk has been able to review, for the year to August 5, Mangrove Funds have returned -38%. Over the trailing 12-month period, the funds returned -44%. The S&P 500 produced a positive Read More

The next link contains an offensive video about picking-up women (please, those of sensitive dispositions ignore/delete). However, there is a lesson here for deep value investors–a hint of where to look for value. In places where other investors are experiencing anguish.

Video: Deep Value Search Strategy

Tomorrow/Saturday I will post the lecture notes for Lesson 1. Then we will view a Deep Value Activist in action.

You may enjoy reading an interview of Deep Value’s author

Deep Value Author, Tobias Carlisle-interview-with-harvest-and-its-community

Deep-Value-at-authorsgoogle/ An excellent video of Deep Value Investing. is worth scrolling though and viewing past videos.