What New Tech Will Emerge At CES 2015? LG, Galaxy S6, Kodak Smartphone, More

What New Tech Will Emerge At CES 2015? LG, Galaxy S6, Kodak Smartphone, More

One of the biggest dates in the technology calendar will get underway in the next couple of days as the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas opens its doors to both exhibitors and attendees. The CES show is always an interesting and informative barometer of the year ahead in consumer electronics, and this year promises to be no exception.

Although the intention of the show is to showcase the latest in technology and consumer electronics products, a lot of information seeps out regarding what will be on display in Nevada before the event begins. So here is a rundown of some of the revolutionary tech that we already know will be on display in Las Vegas next week at CES 2015.

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CES 2015 – LG Quantum Dot TV

Samsung made a massive splash at the 2004 iteration of this conference with its curved television set, and this technology has since, of course, to some extent become mainstream. This should see this year’s CES show focus more on picture quality than build and design gimmicks, and one of the strongest products which will be showcased at the event is the LG Quantum Dot TV.

The Korean corporation has already stated that it intends to introduce quantum dot technology to its 4K ultra high-definition line-up. This new revolutionary tech involves utilizing tiny crystals, which are of phenomenally microscopic size, in order to create absorbing images. It has been asserted by LG that the process involved in quantum.televisions will improve color accuracy by 30 percent over conventional LCD television sets.

This is not exactly the first quantum dot TV, as Sony has previously utilised this technology in its Triluminos-branded TVs, but LG has apparently refined the process and also been able to produce the technology without using the toxic substance cadmium. This should make this particular television one of the best ever produced, and also significantly more eco-friendly than previous efforts.

CES 2015 – Galaxy S6

Rumours are developing that Samsung may offer attendees a first glimpse of the Galaxy S6 smartphone at the Consumer Electronics Show. This has not been confirmed by the Korean manufacturing giant, but the Galaxy S6 is such a critical device for the corporation that it could be possible. Previously this device has been unveiled at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, but an earlier peak could occur this year. Samsung will be looking for a strong performance from its flagship smartphone given that profits have tumbled over the last twelve months for the corporation.

CES 2015 – Kodak Smartphone

A name which is a blast from the past will definitely be making an appearance at CES, though. Kodak went from a controlling 90 percent of the US photographic film marketplace, to nearly going out of business. This has been attributed to the failure of the photography-related company to satisfactorily and speedily respond to the advent and dominance of digital cameras.

Kodak survived, but obviously doesn’t have a prominent place in the market which it once occupied. But the corporation is releasing a smartphone at the CES 2015 show, which is intended to provide outstanding photographic capabilities. Whether it can find a serious niche in a world dominated by Apple and Samsung remains to be seen, but it will be interesting to see what this iconic company has produced.

CES 2015 – HealthBe smartwatch

It goes without saying that 2015 will be a massive year in smartwatches, as Apple has already confirmed the release of the Apple watch which is expected to inject serious growth into the sector. With this in mind, many smartwatch manufacturers are already intending to release products early in the year ahead of the Apple device, in the hope of attracting consumers before this almost certainly dominant Apple smart watch appears.

The most interesting of the new smartwatches is this device which will debut at the CES show. The HealthBe promises to help consumers cut down on calories, underlining the emphasis that smartwatches will place on health-related functionality. This device is driven by the GoBe tracker, which was funded via crowdfunding site Indiegogo. $1.1 million was raised by the creators of the device, despite numerous critics of the concept claiming that it wouldn’t work.

This latest CES show will provide the makers of the smartwatch with the opportunity to dispel such criticism.

CES 2015 – Smart homes – Blossom

We keep hearing on the grapevine that smart home technology and the Internet of things will become incredibly big news in the near future. This may very well be the case, but the concept is yet to really get off the ground, let alone be something that consumers are coveting in everyday life.

But the CES 2015 show will provides the opportunity for numerous manufacturers of such smart devices to peddle their wares, and it could instigate a significant breakthrough in the technology. Among the more interesting devices on show will be Blossom, an automated sprinkler device, which utilizes weather forecasts downloaded in real-time from the Internet to determine when to spray water.

Blossom underlines the trend for both smart devices and crowdfunding, as this is another idea which was developed via Kickstarter funding.

CES 2015 – 3D Printing – Makerbot

Another embryonic technology which is often purported to be capable of transforming the way that the human race operates is 3-D printing. Some impressive things have already been done with this innovation, but the next twelve months should see the technology ramped up still further.

As of yet, the general public have certainly not been convinced that 3-D printing needs to be part of their domestic lives. But Makerbot aims to changes that. Is exciting new application enables everyday consumers, with very little technical knowledge, to create a wide range of applications including smartphone cases and a range of robots.

3D Systems, which is behind this product, states that further research is currently taking place which is enabling the company to delve deeper into 3D printer food. Last year’s show saw 3-D printers creating a range of chocolates and confectionery.

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