Bomb Threat At Kennedy Airport Leads To Plane Searches

Bomb Threat At Kennedy Airport Leads To Plane Searches

Law enforcement officials in New York City are reporting two Delta Airlines flights were delayed at Kennedy Airport Tuesday morning due to a caller phoning in with a bomb threat. One flight was arriving from San Francisco, and the other flight was headed to Tel Aviv, and both were searched for explosives after an anonymous caller contacted Delta Airlines claiming that there was a bomb on Flight 468, according to Port Authority sources.

Despite a thorough search using explosive-sniffing dogs, no explosive device was found on either aircraft.

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More details on Kennedy Airport bomb threat

The flight bound for Tel Aviv originated in San Francisco and had arrived to pick up connecting passengers at JFK Airport.

Of note, both legs of the flight shared the same flight number, so the plane arriving from San Francisco carrying 178 passengers on board was also evacuated and searched when it touched down in New York close to 8 p.m., according to airport officials.

In an abundance of caution, the empty transfer plane sitting at Terminal 7 was also searched, law enforcement authorities noted.

Statement from passenger evacuated after bomb threat

“We are all fine, (they) escorted us off the plan with no baggage and put us on buses,” explained Andrea Burriesci, who was a passenger on the flight from San Francisco. “We are just waiting at this point.”

Burriesci commented that one young man, who did not comply with the orders to leave all luggage on board the aircraft, was held at the scene when he exited the plane holding an orange backpack.

via: NYDaily

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