Bloomberg Business Redoes Website

Bloomberg Business Redoes Website

On Wednesday, January 28th Bloomberg announced the launch of Bloomberg Business, the firm’s new flagship digital destination. The new all-in-one site brings together the company’s media assets to offer a 21st century news experience designed for global web consumer. Of note, Microsoft is the global sponsor of the launch of Bloomberg Business.

The new site is the cornerstone of the firm’s revamped media strategy, initially announced back in March of 2014. Bloomberg’s goal is to create a leading, next-generation media company with a global portfolio of multi-platform brands that will expand its core audience beyond finance and towards global business more generally.

Bloomberg Business combines and replaces both and However, the innovative, mobile-first Bloomberg Business still has the editorial DNA of Bloomberg News and Businessweek, that is, reliable, authoritative  journalism covering important breaking stories across the globe, the company says.

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Developing multi-platform model

One of the main goals of Bloomberg Business is to develop a series new multi-platform brands, such as its recently unveiled Bloomberg Politics, to focus on specific areas. The three new platform brands are Bloomberg Markets, Bloomberg Technology and Bloomberg Pursuits (a luxury brand), and each is designed to provide deeper, more enriching experiences in those topic areas.

Statements regarding Bloomberg Business

“Over the last twenty years, the global