BlackBerry Ltd Classic Owners On Rogers Get OS Update

BlackBerry Ltd Classic Owners On Rogers Get OS Update
jieyirain / Pixabay

The much-awaited BlackBerry OS 10.3.1 version is available to some Classic owners on Canada’s Rogers network.

BlackBerry’s latest OS version,, is now available to some Classic owners on Canada’s Rogers network. The surprise here is that the expansion of 10.3.1 across the world is not expected until next month, according to N4BB.

Is it a technical glitch?

Previously, the leaked OS was seen on BlackBerry servers, according to CrackBerry. There is a possibility that it’s a technical error or some sort of sample testing from the Canadian firm. There had been similar instances before when AT&T pushed an update, but later it disappeared.

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While checking the software updates, some users noticed the new OS “waiting to be downloaded and installed. I’m hesitant to say it’s meant to be there simply because it’s not appearing for everyone as of yet, but it’s most certainly appearing for some,” says the report from CrackBerry.

BlackBerry Passport on AT&T– when’s it coming?

BlackBerry did mention at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2015 in Las Vegas that it had teamed up with AT&T for the new BlackBerry Passport. However, until now there has no news about the Passport, which raises the hope that the phone will be launched on the American carrier next month. BlackBerry’s Passport has been received with open arms by fans, especially the limited edition gold and black version, which sold out within a few hours of the launch.

The form factor of the BlackBerry Passport in unconventional, but overall it’s a powerful and impressive machine with a square display, QWERTY keys and an overall square design. However, AT&T wanted design changes in the Passport, which BlackBerry agreed to, stating that customers will feel better about buying the phone. There will be not be a drastic change in AT&T’s Passport version compared to the original one, except the rounded edges have replaced the squared-off finish of the original.

There is no detail about the availability of the device, but both partners talked about the pricing, which helps market watchers know what to expect next month. Those interested in buying the Passport can get it for a $0 down payment on AT&T’s Next plan for $21.67 per month or for $200 with a two-year contract. The contract-free version of the AT&T BlackBerry Passport will be available for $650.

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