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In today’s world, businesses must make data security a priority if they hope to survive, let alone thrive. Obviously, you want to avoid having trade secrets leaked to your competitors or the totality of your professional correspondence laid bare to public scrutiny; however, the importance of data security is intertwined in even more profound with the health of your company. It’s vital to remember that the success of your business depends not only on your own savvy and sweat, but also on the sheer number of people who put their faith in the security of your business. In the information age, few things are more damaging to a business’s reputation and its viability than a stark demonstration that such trust is misplaced.

Customers simply will not patronize a business if they do not believe their information will be safe in its hands—and, with so much business being conducted online, they have become increasingly adept at identifying businesses they can rely on, and cutting out those businesses they can’t.

The recent, stratospherically high profile Sony hack is only the latest (and certainly not the last) in a long string of such PR catastrophes. But what has largely gotten lost in the general kerfuffle—but what the more discerning contingents of the business world are becoming excruciatingly aware of—is that it is not just customers and businesses owners who stand to lose in event of such a dramatic security breach: employees personal information is also disturbingly likely to be compromised. To be sure, there is no more devastating way to lose your employees’ trust—and possibly their talents—than leaving them, their families, and their information vulnerable in the fallout of a data breach. Remember, because you don’t see your company as the face of the next mega-breach doesn’t mean you aren’t already in the crosshairs—you could well be used as a jumping off point to a bigger target; and a large proportion of breaches (40%, according to Verizon’s estimates for 2012) targeted companies with 100 or fewer employees).

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In the face of such pervasive threats, how can you be sure that you are providing the greatest possible level of security for your business, your clients, and especially your employees? Choosing the right antivirus software is an essential, indeed, perhaps the most indispensable part of shoring up your security infrastructure and ensuring its impregnability—if all other security measures fail, you’ll be relying on your antivirus to keep out the breaches at your gate. As accurately keeping track of the differences between individual brands and their packages can seem all-but-impossible your time no doubt is at a premium, make sure to take advantage of comparison sites like top 10 antivirus software website, which list all the top names in the industry and assist you in comparing their respective pro and cons in a user-friendly format, making an important decision that could otherwise be laborious considerably less time-consuming. Even if you currently have antivirus software, it is advisable to survey the current market from time to time to see if a better fit has become available.

Running a business means embracing the fact that you need to convince people—whether it’s your customers or your employees—to trust you, and that, furthermore, you need to continually earn that trust. Ensuring you have the best possible antivirus software is an excellent way to prove your business deserve every ounce of trust.

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