List Of Dead Bankers 2015 – Conspiracy Update

List Of Dead Bankers 2015 – Conspiracy Update

List of dead bankers 2015 – conspiracy update

Having had to spend too much time on youtube recently, has led to the accumulation of the latest and most credible conspiracy theories. Perhaps the most interesting, is the demise of the common-or-garden ‘master of the universe’, banker, as they were once known. They’ve been having problems with mortality recently. And there’s a very long list…

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  1. If thats what you believe then let that be so, But then i also hope you have the same kind of death.
    Rule #1 of life. If you wish for something horrible on your own kind, expect it in return.

  2. No pity for dead bankers. Anyone associated with a bank deserves nothing less than a slow, torturous death. Scum of the goddamn Earth.

  3. The globalist are simply culling those that are not part of the program. Of all the generals purged, the dead bankers, dead scientists, dead journalists, movement of military equipment and materiel, activity at FEMA camps, it’s obvious something is happening.

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