Apple Inc. Teams Up With Marketing Firm On iAds In Latin America

Apple Inc. Teams Up With Marketing Firm On iAds In Latin America

As an effort to boost the iAd platform, Apple teamed up with Miami-based marketing firm Internet Media Services. This is the same company which helped other companies like Spotify and Twitter. The IMS partnership includes top clients from Miami, Brazil and Mexico.

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Apple wants to expand mobile ad service

Gaston Taratuta, chief executive for IMS, explained, “Apple has finally decided to make it happen in Latin America. Considering how much the smartphone penetration is constantly growing in the region, they see an interesting opportunity.”

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This partnership comes after Apple launched iAd in late 2014 in 70 more countries, increasing the total number of active regions to 95. Apple’s iAd so far has failed to expand since its initial launch in 2010. Taratuta added that his team is committed to Apple. He further explained his company does not mix people with products. The people behind the education, promoting, and selling for Apple won’t be outsourced to another company. IMS will be the sole reseller of ads within Latin America.

The low rankings of iAd

Taratuta also opened up about Apple’s new hire, Contreras. He said, “She was hired 4-5 months ago and she’s the main person there, but they are going to outsource pretty much everything else.”

Right now, iAd ranks at seventh place in the market. In terms of mobile ad revenue sales, it’s below top dogs Google, Facebook, Twitter and Yahoo.

Mobile advertising is a growing market that is the one to watch. Apple already dominates the mobile market with the iPhone, but it now has interest in conquering the mobile advertising business. Given the huge base of Apple users around the world, it’s evident Apple has the power to attract users. If they can use the same marketing skills and tactics to appeal to mobile users, it is likely the company could see a successful upturn in ad revenue.

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  1. Apple is late to the party in Latin America. Then again, what else is new? iAd is a lot like AdMob these days. Apple and Google simply forgot how to innovate. All they can do now is drool over the inventive stuff coming out from Airpush, Facebook and other hungry young creative platforms that make iAd look like a fossil in this industry.

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