Apple Inc. (AAPL) Sued Over Storage Size Of iOS 8 On iPhones, iPads


Apple’s latest OS has gotten into trouble for several reasons since it was launched, and it has attracted yet another problem. The company is facing a lawsuit over it. The issue has been taken to the court by two plaintiffs who complained that their iPhones and iPads which the company claimed came with an internal storage of 16GB, didn’t have that much storage and that the OS occupies too much space on their devices.

Class-action status being asked

In a lawsuit filed in California, Miami residents Paul Orshan and Christopher Endara blame Apple for “storage capacity misrepresentations and omissions” related to 8GB and 16GB iPhones, iPads and iPods, says a report from CBS News. Orshan owns two iPhone 5 handsets and two iPads, while Endara had an iPhone 6. Both claim that the upgrades to the operating system take up around 23% of the storage space on the devices. A graph detailing the impact of iOS 8 on different devices has also been included in the lawsuit.

Both Orshan and Endara are seeking class-action status for their lawsuit and want others with 16GB devices to join them. Apart from accusing Apple of “material misrepresentations” and “omissions to prospective purchasers,” the lawsuit also accuses the company of “misrepresentations and omissions to owners of Devices with predecessor operating systems.”

Apple accused of many breaches

According to the lawsuit, such misrepresentations and omissions force users to upgrade from earlier versions of iOS to iOS 8. Also the company has failed to disclose that moving from iOS 7 to iOS 8 will cost the user 600 MB and 1.3 GB of storage space, “a result that no consumer could reasonably anticipate.”

Apple has also been accused of taking advantage of shrinking storage by pushing its monthly-fee-based iCloud storage system. The lawsuit argues that first Apple offers less storage capacity than what it advertises, and then it sells more storage in a “desperate moment.” As of now, there have been no comments from Apple about the issue.

Apple has faced issues with storage space in the past also. According to The Verge, it won a lawsuit regardin the amount of advertised storage in iPods in 2007. The lawsuit claimed the 8GB iPod Nano had 7.45GB of usable storage.

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7 Comments on "Apple Inc. (AAPL) Sued Over Storage Size Of iOS 8 On iPhones, iPads"

  1. it says 16 GB right on the iCrap box in the store. That is a lie, and always has been. shut up.

  2. Oh you dumb iTards. What did you expect from Apple? Honesty? hahahahahhahahahahahhahahaha

  3. They should try this as a class action against all automakers.
    Although an idiot troll would ignore what we all know; mileage quotes are based on testing with enough fuel for the test. Not a full tank, which adds weight.
    You will never get the same results pulling a full tank.
    Or sue Samsung for quoting refrigerator cubic feet; when not accounting for ice that will be made, reducing the net. They may claim they don’t need ice so Samsung is liable for misleading them. Oh …here is a better one….sue all chicken brands for stating weight of the bird that contains the innards nobody eats that get thrown away…..after all; you are paying for unusable weight. Is that a misrepresentation worthy of class action? For this guy obviously so.
    Hey….I just gave him a few more fruitless attempts to pursue.

  4. I would guess that this is another plaintiff-less suit like the I-Pod.
    At the same time I guarantee that if anyone really had a complaint, it had to be on a device purchased at Best Buy, WalMart, or another outlet besides AAPL; where they have no clue what they are selling and no customer service to advise in an informative and useful manner. Any AAPL store will tell you how much the I-OS uses and likely advise you buy a model with more space if that is what you need. I take few photos and do not really download music. My 5S works just fine for my purposes. But then again, when I asked why do I need more storage based on what I use my phone for; the answer I got was “you don’t”
    Ignorance is never an excuse for personal failure. It is a reason; and one that cannot be passed on to someone else.
    By the way….You can buy Android, get no updates, no fixes; and live with what you are stuck with. Or buy AAPL and be sure you always have all the latest software.

  5. Issues of space in Os existed since the creation of it.It is true foe any OS and has something to do with a mathematical calculations relating to how the OS works, 16, 32, 64 bit. It is possible to read about it in technicals. In order to really know if these guys can win anything one will have to observe specifications. It should be ok for a company to upgrade and advances its products ofcourse the customer should be able to choose if he or she prefers space over quality. however in the case of apple the company is committed to quality and thus while the ios can be upgraded… The hardware stays were it stays…unless ofcourse one upgrades with the software..
    Only problem now that in the demons dance that guids the stock market people will sell the stock for a dismissed panic..

  6. haha! one of better news today.

  7. I knew it!
    I posted a few days ago when this ambulance chasing legal troll started this “treasure-hunt”
    that it would be easy to find a few lottery candidates in any Florida trailer park; and here it is.
    Florida; “the homestead state” and the land of scams.
    Guaranteed that neither of the plaintiffs ever bought an AAPL device. May have stolen one though.

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