TTP Commander Fazlullah Killed By PAF In Afghanistan [REPORT]

TTP Commander Fazlullah Killed By PAF In Afghanistan [REPORT]

Pakistan’s Ministry of Defence has confirmed reports via its Facebook page that TTP commander Fazlullah was gunned down by Pakistani Air Force jets in Afghanistan. The agency said intelligence sharing among organizations enabled them to take out the man who was said to have masterminded the bloody attack on a Peshawar school earlier this week. More than 100 people died in the attack, most of whom were school children.


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According to The Kashmir Monitor, Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani had ordered his army to arrest the TTP leader. Sources reportedly told the media outlet that the priority was first to arrest him rather than kill him.

The first reports of Fazlullah’s death came over Facebook and Twitter from Pakistan’s Ministry of Defence’s official accounts. However, we are still awaiting an official press release from the Pakistani military, and no mainstream media have reported it yet.

Fazlullah said to mastermind Peshawar attack

The Star published a profile of Fazlullah, also known as Mullah Radio for the illegal FM radio station he ran, on which he pushed for jihad and decried education for women. The TTP commander led militants who have killed more than 100 children.

Officials report Fazlullah masterminded the Peshawar school att