Sony Wades Into Tablet Wars [Rumor]

Sony Wades Into Tablet Wars [Rumor]
YS-Park / Pixabay

Sony has been a major feature in the daily news around the world the past several weeks. The company’s movie development business backed a Seth Rogan and James Franco starred movie called, The Interview. Cyber hackers from an unknown origin hacked Sony’s computers and took lots of confidential emails, released the emails and confidential data and threatened to do even more damage if the movie was released. After getting Sony to release the movie and is widely viewed as a success for freedom of speech, Sony is trying to clean up its image and its security system.

Sony working on 12.9 inch tablet

However, DigiTimes reports that Sony does have another rumor out right now that the company is working on 12.9 inch tablet that will run on Android, due for release the first half of 2015. Pegatron, the developer of Microsoft Corporation’s Surface tablet, is also rumored to be working on Sony’s new tablet. Resolution wise, the new Android tablet sounds very impressive with 3840 x 2400 resolution, which is a 16:10 variant of 4K, a newer technology. This has pushed the estimated price tag for Sony’s tablet to start at least at $1,000 and could only go higher with various storage options, etc. The detailed rumor report also details that the Qualcomm, Inc. will be working on the processor and will be 8.9mm thick.

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