Sony To Offer ‘The Interview’ For Rent Or Purchase Online

Sony To Offer ‘The Interview’ For Rent Or Purchase Online

Starting today, Sony will begin offering the controversial film The Interview for rent through its own site, as well as Google Play, YouTube and Microsoft’s Xbox Video. Viewers can also choose to purchase the movie. Sony has set the rental price at $6 and the purchase price at $15. The rental became available at 1 p.m. Eastern today.

No need to go to the theater

According to Business Insider, Sony officially made the announcement about its plans today. Re/code reports that Sony is also talking with other streaming platforms, so there will be plenty of ways people can view the film without even going to a theater. According to Variety, The Interview may also be available on Netflix, the two companies can agree to terms.

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There are reports that Sony asked Apple to show the movie on iTunes but Apple refused. The company had reportedly asked the White House to help talk Apple into it, but Apple wouldn’t do it. According to CNN, talks between Apple and Sony about offering the movie through iTunes broke down, but they could begin again at some point after Christmas.

Sony had originally planned to release the movie into theaters on Christmas Day, but the company’s plans changed after hackers breached its computers and revealed many details about it, including the planned release date. Some 300 independent theaters are still planning to show the movie tomorrow, however.

Sony changes its plans

The company pulled the Christmas Day debut when the five biggest theater chains in the country refused to how it. At that time, Sony had seemed to indicate that it wouldn’t release the movie at all, although apparently the company’s plans have changed.

Last week President Obama said Sony had made a mistake by giving in to the hackers’ demands and deciding not to show the movie. The FBI also officially placed blame on North Korea, accusing Pyongyang of backing the hackers that targeted Sony’s computers and demanded Sony not show The Interview.

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