Russia Could Ban Apple Inc. iPhone For Lawmakers [REPORT]

Russia Could Ban Apple Inc. iPhone For Lawmakers [REPORT]
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One Russian lawmaker recently purposed a law that would ban MPs from using Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)’s iPhones and iPads for security reasons. Dmitry Gorovtsov explained to Interfax News Agency that his suggestion would essentially apply to politicians with access to classified information.

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Russia’s security and defense matters

He also listed members of committees for defense and security in the Russian lower house of parliament State Duma. He added, “In principle, the MPs know that using the most primitive mobile phones, those that cost no more than $20, is a guarantee not only against the theft of your own financial data or spying on your e-mail, but also against bugging.”

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Russia’s officials and politicians make it a habit to discuss restrictions on certain hardware and software products. Internet news website Izvestia shared a quote from unnamed clerk working with Defense Ministry conscription hotline when saying the Russian military banned iPhone use to halt confidential information leak.

Russia’s defense ministry tears down Apple iPhone rumor

The Defense Ministry denied the reports immediately. The Ministry confirmed both soldiers and officers were allowed to use any device of their choice during service time with the exception of important missions. Igor Konashenkov (defense minister of Russia) elaborated, “In the Russian armed forces there are no bans on using the mobile services of one certain manufacturer. The emergence of such information in one of the leading national newspapers only shows the lack of technical competence of its authors, as the capacity of modern smartphones from Western companies are almost identical, regardless of their software.

Early last month, there were also reports Russia plans to ban Apple’s mobile devices because of law which forces online services operating within the country to store data locally. The law will take effect January 1st, 2015 and will affect any device that uses iCloud servers.


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