Nexus 6 Covered Under Google’s Free Replacement Policy?

Nexus 6 Covered Under Google’s Free Replacement Policy?
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With Nexus 5, Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) (NASDAQ:GOOG) introduced a new policy to offer one free replacement for broken units. The Internet giant seems to have extended that policy to its latest device, the Nexus 6. That means you’ll get a free replacement if you accidentally broke your Nexus 6 the first time. That’s what Reddit user aznfury claims.


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Google replaces broken Nexus 6

The Redditor said that he dropped brand new Nexus 6 on the stone patio, and it was shattered. He had purchased it through Google Play Store. When he contacted the company and explained what had happened, Google shipped him a new one overnight for free. Aznfury was only required to send back the broken Nexus device.

That’s quite surprising. Users who have placed pre-orders for the Nexus 6 have to wait several days to get their original shipment. But someone who broke his Nexus gets it replaced within a day. Phandroid says that the replacement Nexus 6 units are most like refurbished units. The refurbished phones could be the ones previously broken or returned by unsatisfied customers. The Mountain View-based company can’t sell them as new.

Google probably maintains a stock of refurbished Nexus 6

The company might be storing refurbished phones for the purpose of replacing damaged units in an attempt to keep customers happy. Of course, it’s possible that Google maintains a replacement stock to handle these situations. But Google won’t replace it twice. Nexus 6 is the most “carrier-friendly” Nexus phone as it will be sold through Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and U.S. Cellular. Verizon is expected to launch the Nexus 6 on its network on Dec.13.

The Nexus 6 is water-resistant, but it doesn’t have an official IP rating. So, YouTube user Harris Craycraft (via GSMArena) decided to test the phone’s credentials. Surprisingly, the Nexus 6 can withstand an hour in water without breaking down. Check out the video below. Motorola, which makes Nexus 6, has given its Droid Turbo the same treatment.

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