Netflix, Inc. Won’t Replace Cable TV Anytime Soon: Mark Cuban

Netflix, Inc. Won’t Replace Cable TV Anytime Soon: Mark Cuban
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Netflix, Inc. (NASDAQ:NFLX) will not replace cable TV anytime soon, believes Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, who feels that the mediums need one another. Cuban said shows on Netflix have gained popularity, but the fact is that except for a few shows such as House of Cards, all other shows first appeared on TV.

Netflix success started from cable TV

He believes this is why Netflix got its brand established somewhere else. During Business Insider’s Ignition conference, Cuban said, “We will evolve to a point where people will get what they want, where they want, when they want, but there will always be a front-end presentation.”

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Cuban said cable TV is facing intense competition from Netflix, which is actually benefiting from the former also. He said the competition between them is encouraging cable TV to produce higher quality content.

“As long as TV strives to compete, you’ll keep getting better shows,” Cuban said. “We get ‘The Walking Dead,’ we get these better shows, and then they get to Netflix.”

He said the competition is not bad for any party, which holds truth as audiences will get shows at a good price.

House of cards pushed Netflix to success

In separate news, Netflix announced plans to stream House of Cards on Friday, Feb. 27. House of Cards is one of the most popular shows on Netflix. In 2013, the sitcom grabbed 14 Emmy nominations and set a record by becoming the first online-only series to get nominations for such a reputed award. House of Cards won Emmys for casting and cinematography, as well as for best directing of a drama series. In the year 2014, the second season of House of Cards earned a total of 31 nominations but did not win any.

Even though the series did not win any awards, it brought immense success for Netflix, proving that shows with good writers, top actors and creative talent can give a tough fight to the best of traditional network and cable programming. Netflix has not yet broken its silence on the number of viewers.

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