Netflix, Inc. To Remind You Of New Episodes Via Tweets

Netflix, Inc. To Remind You Of New Episodes Via Tweets

Netflix, Inc. (NASDAQ:NFLX) keeps adding new content regularly, and at the same pace, it keeps on removing the old stuff. Therefore, it becomes difficult for subscribers to keep track of new and fresh content. However, Netflix is working with Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) to resolve this problem by devising a feature that is being tested for now. If successful, it will help subscribers help keep track of upcoming and new shows.

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How the reminder works

Whenever a new episode, series or movie is available for streaming, users will get a Twitter update about it once the new system gets activated. This will help subscribers avoid missing any of their favorite shows whenever they go live. All they will need to do is keep an eye on their Twitter feeds. The new feature was spotted first by Twitter user @RichBTIG, who also noticed a tweet for promotional purposes for the Marco Polo show.

For viewing the schedule of upcoming episodes of any particular program, all a user is required to do is click on the large “Tweet me a reminder” button. This button appears whenever a user tries to view the post on the mobile app or the web.

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People must be curious to know what Netflix’s tweeted reminders will look like. All users opting for the reminder system will get a reminder as a @Reply from @MarcoPoloMP Twitter account. This reminder will come with a custom video message from the cast, as told by Netflix in a statement to The Next Web.

Much-needed feature from Netflix

Such a feature is also needed because online video streaming services do not come with commercials regarding the shows telecast on them, and therefore, it is difficult for users to keep a track. Hence, this feature is going to help subscribers keep track of new shows’ start dates.

There is no certainty about how much the new reminder feature from Netflix will spread or how the company plans to use it, as it can be seen for now only on the Marco Polo Twitter account. However, the new feature appears to be a useful one, and hence, it can be expected to be rolled out further by the company. Twitter too seems to be excited with the new feature and, therefore, provides it with all the support needed, such as providing Netflix with the necessary back-end code to set it up within users’ Timelines.

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