Netflix Gift Card Growing In Popularity

Netflix, like many other companies, comes up with season-specific deals, offers and other pleasant surprises. This holiday season it is offering a wonderful gifting option for its subscribers in the form of gift cards. This last minute Christmas gift from the video streaming company allows its subscribers to pay for the subscription of other people, who could be anyone including friends and family.

How the gift card works

Netflix now allows people to buy a ‘gift card’ which they can use to pay for their subscription services. The gift card is even more special for those who have not already subscribed to the streaming services of Netflix as after receiving the card they will gain access to numerous TV shows and movies.

“We haven’t advertised them widely but note they’ve been widely seen on talk shows,” Netflix spokesman said in an email to Yahoo.

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Gift cards are hugely popular in New York City as reported by Yahoo. These cards have gained popularity through shows like The Ellen DeGeneres Show that give away gift cards on the “12 Days of Giveaways.”

Huge demand for Netflix ‘Gift Cards’

The Gift Cards from Netflix, although available for the first time in last few months, have been able to generate enough interest from buyers that they have been sold in large quantities during the current holiday season. The gift cards can be obtained from any Staples location, and are available in either $30 or $60 denominations. To find out all the stores offering the gift card one can visit on

Netflix has chosen a handful of stores to distribute the gift cards, and most are reporting shortages. These cards were carried by only two chains in the Manhattan, Staples Inc. and GameStop Corp., and the cards are sold out at both of those locations.

A saleswoman at a GameStop said that about 30 of the gift cards were bought by a single customer in the last week after which there were very few cards left with the store. She said the demand is so huge that “we’ve had like eight million calls” from people for checking on the availability of the cards”.

Netflix has plans to add more retail partners next Spring.