Muhlenkamp White Paper: Transforming the Face of Medicine

Tammy S. Neff joined Muhlenkamp & Company, Inc. in September 2003.
Her responsibilities are primarily research oriented, including evaluating company fi nancial statements, annual reports, and proxy statements; analyzing industry and company research reports; interviewing and visiting company management teams; and making investment recommendations for inclusion in the Muhlenkamp portfolios.


Transforming the Face of Medicine:
Advances in Biomedical Science
Advances in biomedical science are transforming the way healthcare is being provided. This booklet examines some breakthrough innovations, along with a look at some of the companies making these advancements. Areas of interest include:
• Personalized medicine;
• Cancer and targeted cancer therapies;
• Immune system;
• Viruses; and
• 3-D bioprinting.
Personalized Medicine
Personalized medicine is the application of information learned from studying the human proteome. Scientifi c discoveries in the lab continue to make their way into clinical practice, ushering in a new era of medicine. Arriving at this point requires some background.

Voss Capital is betting on a housing market boom

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