Microsoft To Build New Browser For Windows 10

Microsoft is gearing up for next year’s launch of Windows 10 and this may include a brand new browser. There has been previous rumors stating Microsoft’s plans to build a new internet browser (which has the codename Spartan) to replace Internet Explorer.

A new browser

In early December, Microsoft’s student partner lead/developer Thomas Nigro mentioned he overheard the company’s plans to build a new browser. Sources report the Spartan browser will use Chakra JavaScript engine and Trident rendering engine. It is also reported the new browser will appear more like Google Chrome and Firefox complete with extension support.

Brad Sams (from Neowin) also believes Microsoft has two Trident-based browsers in the works. Sources also claim Microsoft will ship include both browsers with Windows 10 operating system. The tech giant may unveil the new browser at next month’s Windows 10 reveal. However, sources are not sure if whether Spartan is ready or will be functional enough for the Windows 10 technical preview. It may not be ready until a later date.

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Microsoft prepares for upcoming Windows event

The upcoming Windows event will start January 21. Microsoft sent out invitations ahead of time on December 11th. The even will last one full day and it will start off with keynotes from chief executive officer Satya Nadella, Xbox chief Phil Spencer, Terry Myerson, and Joe Belfiore.

The invitation did not mention Microsoft’s combined Windows Phone-Windows RT Windows 10 mobile SKU which is estimated to work with both Intel and ARM-based tablet computers as well as Windows Phones. Sources claim it is still on the agenda. That version won’t include desktop, instead it will run Windows Store Metro-Style apps exclusively. The January Technical Preview of Windows 10 will also feature the next test release of the operating system. It will also include support for Continuum, which is a feature that allows users with two-in-one devices to easily transition modes.