Mercedes-Benz Creates Pre-Owned Brand For Indian Market

Mercedes-Benz is bringing luxury cars to India and creating a new brand to meet increasing demand.

The cars that will be sold out of 12 new ‘Mercedes-Benz Certified’ outlets in the sub-continent will include A-Class, B-Class and GLA-Class automobiles that have passed a rigorous vetting process. 124 quality checks will be given to each automobile before they earn the brand distinction. At the very least no car may have more than 10,000 kilometers on the odometer, any history of accident, and the cars can’t have had more than two prior owners. Additionally, each car sold will include a one-year warranty or 20,000 kilometers.

Mercedes-Benz Creates Pre-Owned Brand For Indian Market

India CEO speaks

Eberhard Kern, Managing Director and CEO, Mercedes-Benz India, spoke on the announcement recently saying, “There has been an increased demand for the pre-owned Mercedes-Benz products due to their superior build quality, tested reliability, and impeccable craftsmanship, leading to their high re-sale value. Mercedes-Benz enjoys a strong equity in the market and with ‘Mercedes-Benz Certified’ we will cater to this growing demand and delight the customers with excellence.”

“We have launched 12 new ‘Mercedes-Benz Certified’ outlets today. This makes us the luxury manufacturer with the densest network, in the pre-owned segment as well. With ‘Mercedes-Benz Certified’ we aim to further organize the pre-owned car market and offer our customers an experience, similar to the new car customers. There is immense potential in this segment and it will be a key to future growth of the auto industry. Mercedes-Benz witnessed 39% growth in 2014 YTD in the pre-owned cars segment. With attractive trade-in and financing options and complete peace of mind on offer from ‘Mercedes-Benz Certified’, we anticipate this segment to grow further driving the sales of new cars as well”, Kern added.

Mercedes-Benz Certified locations throughout the country

The 12 new ‘Mercedes-Benz Certified’ outlets are: Shaman Wheels, Auto Hangar (Mumbai), Sundaram Motors, Akshaya Motors (Bangalore), B.U. Bhandari (Pune), Panjab Motors (Mohali), T&T Motors (West Delhi), T&T Motors (Mathura Road), Joshi Autozone (Chandigarh), Rajasree Motors (Cochin), Transcar (Chennai), Adishwar Motors (Hyderabad).

Mercedes-Benz, entered India in 1994, and has become the fastest-growing luxury car maker in the country today. The company expects to sell well over 10,000 new units in calender year 2014.

  • Sanjeev Tyagi

    It is hard to believe that Delhi dealer of Mercedes Benz
    vehicles “T & T motors” which is in the same business from more than 7
    decades is practicing such kind of frauds with its customers. I have personally
    experienced the negligent attitude of T & T motors and wants to warn all
    the would-be customers of the company to either don’t buy a new Mercedes Benz
    car or check your car properly before taking a delivery to keep
    their fraud practices at bay. It is a bitter truth that Mercedes Benz India and
    its dealers both disown customers after sales.

    My car, the brand new Mercedes GL 350 which I bought on
    August 10, 2015 from T and T motors is having a problem of rattling and
    crackling noise in all its four doors. This problem arose on its very first
    drive from Delhi to Mathura. I have immediately reported the issue to the
    luxury car dealer T and T motors and Mercedes Benz India, but they have not
    shown any courtesy to even reply on a timely and proper manner. After a series
    of complaints, the officials of T and T motors considered to take a test drive
    of the car. They understood the problem and ensured that this issue will be
    resolved very soon. But, that was all fake, test drives were keep on happening
    repeatedly with experts of T and T and Mercedes Benz India, but the problem
    remained the same.

    Repeated mails and complaints, nothing has created any
    impact on them. After going through so much of frustration and wasting so much
    of time, I have decided to send a legal notice to T and T motors Delhi and
    Mercedes Benz India.