Iranian Cyber Attacks Target Firms Worldwide

Iranian Cyber Attacks Target Firms Worldwide

A new report from a U.S-based cyber-security firm Cylance indicates Iranian hackers claims Iranian hackers have infiltrated infrastructure, transport, and energy firms throughout the world. The report further elaborates state-sponsored Iranian cyber hackers are working on a campaign which could impact global safety.

Iran hackers take on firms around the world

Cylance explained, “As Iran’s cyber warfare capabilities continue to morph, the probability of an attack that could impact the physical world at a national or global level is rapidly increasing.”

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The 87-page dossier was released on Tuesday. The report focused on an Iranian hacker group dubbed “Operation Cleaver” who use a string “cleaver” in malicious software. Cylance’s CEO Stuart McClure added, “This team displays an evolved skillset and uses a complex infrastructure to perform attacks of espionage, theft, and the potential destruction of control systems and networks.”

Operation Cleaver’s trail of cyber attacks

Research found during a two-year period there was at least 50 documented attacks by Operation Cleaver. The cyber attacks affected both businesses and government agencies throughout the world. The first attacks primarily targeted the U.S and Middle East, more recently the attacks spread to many more countries ranging from Canada to South Korea. A large focus of attacks affected the oil-rich Gulf region.

The report continued, “Such broad targeting demonstrates to the world that Iran is no longer content to retaliate against the U.S. and Israel alone. They have bigger intentions: to position themselves to impact critical infrastructure globally.”

Since the series of cyber attacks on Iran’s nuclear facilities, hacking campaigns sourced from Iran significantly increase.

The cyber attacks hit firms in the following countries: United States, Britain, Germany, Israel, China, Saudi Arabia, India, and France. A representative for the U.N. mission in Iran, Hamid Babaei dismissed the report. He claimed it was a baseless allegation designed to tarnish the Iranian government’s image.

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