iPhone 6 Users Complain About Misaligned Front Camera

iPhone 6 Users Complain About Misaligned Front Camera
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Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)’s iPhone 6 and 6 Plus have been the center of a lot of controversies. First, there were reports that the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus would bend in users’ pockets. Then came ‘hairgate‘ as users claimed their hair kept getting caught in the smartphone’s casing. Further, there were complaints about easily scratched screens. What’s more, Apple was embarrassed when it had to pull an iOS 8 update due to technical glitches.

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The iPhone 6 ‘crescentgate’

Now, the iPhone 6 users are complaining about the misaligned front-facing camera. Users are reporting their problems on Reddit, MacRumors and even iFixit. One Reddit user named BAnOpenMindedSkeptic claimed that their iPhone 6’s selfie camera was misaligned, and you could see a crescent on the right side of the hole. That thread has received 259 upvotes and more than 190 comments. Almost all the comments confirm the issue.

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The problem is being referred to as “Crescentgate.” The big-screen iPhone 6 Plus doesn’t seem to be affected by the issue. Almost every user on all three threads said that, despite the misalignment, the front camera was working well. Photos were not affected at all. That means the problem could be with the casing rather than the camera. The front camera was moving within its housing, resulting into a crescent shape.

Apple is aware of the issue

The Cupertino company seems to be aware of the issue. A Redditor named spykeman1528, who claims to be an Apple Store employee, said the company hadn’t yet figured out what was causing the problem. Users who took the affect iPhone 6 to Apple Stores had their phone’s front panel changed, or received on-the-spot replacements.

One Reddit user pointed out that the iPhone 6 owners facing the issue should take the device to the store to send a clear message to Cupertino that it should build better quality products.

Apple shares fell 0.97% to $113.94 in pre-market trading Tuesday, after declining more than 3% on Monday.

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