Facebook Inc Testing New Feature To Sell Goods In Groups

Facebook Inc Testing New Feature To Sell Goods In Groups

Facebook Inc has come up with a new feature ‘Sell Something,’ which is only available for some users, according to a report from the Next Web. Using this new feature, users will be able to sell goods when posting to the group. The selling option can be seen on some Facebook groups next to the normal “Write Post” button.

How ‘Sell Something’ works

After selecting the option, a user is prompted to share details about the goods or services he or she wants to sell. These details include price, description, pictures and pickup/delivery options. The details are formatted nicely once shared by the user, and just like for any post, other users can comment with offers or discussion. There are many groups on the social network that are made with the purpose of buying and selling, and this  new feature has been developed to bring then all together.

The company notes that this feature within Facebook groups will help people in organizing posts about the products they want to sell to others in a better manner. “This is a small test limited to select Facebook Groups that have active selling communities today,” Facebook TNW.

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Facebook does not make any attempts to facilitating the deal after the seller posts the item for sale. The social networker only plays the role of formatting the post so that all the relevant details such as price, description and delivery options are clearly presented.

Is Facebook testing new revenue stream?

It seems like the company is testing the feature right now, and there is also a help page linked with it. The link does not work for all as of now, and it says that the purchases and sales made through this feature will be the sole responsibility of the two parties involved. There is another link for providing feedback about the new feature.

Last month, the Groups App was launched by Facebook for Android and iOS. Using this feature it is possible for users to create communities on the site and interact with the communities. The communities can be based on hobbies, geography or culture.

Given the new sell option is similar to websites with classified ads, it looks like Facebook is exploring yet another segment to bring in more revenue.

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