How To Hide Facebook Messenger ‘Seen’ On iPhone

How To Hide Facebook Messenger ‘Seen’ On iPhone

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is something that we all use, and no matter how much we try to criticize it, or stop using it, we just can’t. It has now become an integral part of our lives. So while there are always advantages of staying connected, there is something that can sometimes make situations worse, the “Seen” status for example.

Facebook has undergone a new change, whereby if you are using Facebook app from a mobile phone or a tablet, then you will need to install a separate “Facebook Messenger” app to view and reply to those messages. Many people didn’t like this change, but we all have to live with this.

As you already know, whenever you view messages sent by your friends, Facebook marks that message as “Seen”, which means the sender will know that you have seen that message. This means that you cannot ignore anyone, as the sender can ask you that if you’ve viewed the message, then why haven’t you replied back?

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Read Facebook Messages without getting “Seen”

Well, if you are on iPhone then here comes a solution with the name “Unread.” This app can be said as an alternative to Facebook Messenger which doesn’t marks the message as “Seen” whenever you read the message. The best part is that this is a free app that can be downloaded from the App Store and doesn’t require your device to be jailbreaked.


However, there’s one that you (and I) didn’t like, which is that the app doesn’t lets you reply to messages. It only lets you view the messages silently, but there’s no such option to reply to messages. Well, this will be the lost cause for some, but hey, at least the message sender won’t know that you have read the message.

Download the “Unread” app from the App Store, and it requires iOS 7, iOS 8 or up installed in the device.

Get it from here.

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