Facebook Inc (FB) CEO Profile Targeted By Brazilian Trolls

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) CEO Mark Zuckerberg has fans across the world who like to follow his public posts. These followers also have the privilege of giving their comments, which can include stickers, photos and other “meme” images. However, Zuckerberg’s profile has been under attack from online trolls primarily based in Brazil, says a report from Techcrunch. Attackers are flooding his page with a barrage of comments and jokes.

Facebook Inc (FB) CEO Profile Targeted By Brazilian Trolls

No clue about the trolls

There are rumors that these attacks have been initiated by people who are unhappy with the low reach of their Facebook pages and therefore have chosen this method to make their point to the CEO, but this cannot be said with certainty as yet. The trolls’ messages and comments do not point to any specific issue or agenda. They do not even seem to be complaining about the CEO and founder. They are more of a spam attack instigated by trolls, as they are comprised of posts that are not only random but bizarre too.

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All of the posts are linked to a group on Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) with the name “Flood that Mark” (Google translated name). The group directs its 1,153 members (in Portuguese) to participate in challenges and assures them that whatever they do in the group will remain in the group.

Older posts from Facebook CEO targeted

Older posts on the CEO’s timeline are being targeted by the attackers, and it might have all started with the adding of a “life event” in May 2012 announcing his marriage to Priscilla Chan. The announcement comes with an image which has been liked by 2 million users and has received more than 186,400 comments. Of those, the majority consists of nonsensical stuff like photos, memes, stickers and random comments. Few commenters are leaving any text comments of their own.

In January 2011, the Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) CEO announced that he became a vegetarian, and this too became the butt of jokes with over 108,000 comments. Some images left by commenters say things like, “This trolling is out of control,” while some say come join the “zueira,” which basically means trolling or disorder. One proclaims, “Go go go zoeira,” while another says, “Trolling today, trolling tomorrow, trolling forever.”

The group members are trying to reach a record number of comments, and until that is reached, they will continue the trolling, says a commenter on a Brazilian news site.