eBay To Be Acquired By Alibaba (BABA)?

eBay To Be Acquired By Alibaba (BABA)?

Re/Code recently made a list of potential acquisitions for 2015, and one of the most notable predictions is Alibaba buying up eBay.

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Back in September, Alibaba enjoyed the biggest IPO ever and now is ready to make some big moves. Since eBay and PayPal are finally separating ways, this would present a terrific opportunity for an eBay acquisition. The e-commerce industry in particular enjoys speculating about a possible Alibaba-eBay acquisition. Since the former is flushed with a $236 billion market value, it wouldn’t be surprising if the company wants to buy the U.S. based e-tailer.

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Possible eBay acquisition by Alibaba could compete better with Amazon

Right now Alibaba has no presence in the United States, and a merger with eBay would give the company instant access to this key market. Together, the companies just may prove to be a formidable force against Amazon, another larger e-tailer which dominates the online retail market. One important thing Alibaba and eBay have in common that gives both companies a huge advantage over Amazon is the lack of competition. The two former companies serve as a hub for smaller companies and individual sellers to market goods. The latter sells its own items and serves as a market hub for other sellers. Amazon competes with its sellers, but Alibaba and eBay don’t.

The battle for eBay

When eBay initially announced plans to spin off PayPal as a separate business, the company’s current CEO John Donahoe summed it up with, “We’re not doing this to set either business up for sale. Post-separation, if you use current valuations, you’ll have two very significant companies with market caps well above $30 billion each.”

Investor Carl Icahn has something else in mind. He shared his thoughts in a note which summed up his reasoning why PayPal needs to either merge or be swallowed up by another company to reach its full potential.

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  1. John,CEO of ebay has finally run it down to raw bottom with his “creative” “toilet room” changes….one way feedback, dashboard performance,gradual fee increases,search manipulation (resulting in Google penalty),refund & shipping policies,bad attitude towards sellers (bending 100% to buyers),terminations & suspensions, limitations of selling limits, holding funds,restricted payments,faulty 5 star feedback evaluation system…everything that U can ever imagine to piss off sellers. John’s believes that ebay is so perfect that all sellers will have to follow his rules to have an opportunity to sell to worldwide markets. He loves to discipline & punish, like a headmaster in the kindergarten. Yes, most sellers have been offended & quit (or went somewhere else)…..resulting in less motivated sellers, less listings, low success rate,less dollar amount per purchase, less interesting & unique products,less traffic, less market share, less profit margins. Mr John Less has done it. Yes, ebay is for sale for a song! A total demolition lesson for future MBA case studies…how a financial controller can utterly destroy a sales organization, demoralizing the spirit of sales force!
    Bsc(Eng),MBA,CHA,CEC….Top Power Seller…now joining Alibaba

  2. I suspect this potential acquisition is why eBay is doing everything in its power to show smaller sellers the door, while favoring the China sellers, no matter how cheap their merchandise, poor their feedback or how many buyers complain. They want to demonstrate that the site is a tailor-made platform for the Chinese. Those pesky American sellers are only gnats to the executive suite. Get out the bug zapper aka defects policy.

  3. Quit Ebay in August when Paypal reversed a $250 sale. I finally had enough of being screwed by Ebay and Pal. Sellers are being told how to sell their items, how much they should charge and the sellers must give a 14 day money back. Nothing to keep a buyer from commiting fraud. Ebay allows buyer to leave negative feedback but as a seller I could not. Just try to call the main office to speak with the CEO and what do you get? Some one in India that can’t speak English worth a crap.Never got through. Enough is enough

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