David Collum: 2014 Year in Review – Pushing Out on the Existential Risk Curve in a Global Game of Tetris

2014 Year in Review: Pushing Out on the Existential Risk Curve in a Global Game of Tetris.
David B. Collum
Betty R. Miller Professor of Chemistry and Chemical Biology
Cornell University
Email: dbc6@cornell.edu
Twitter: @DavidBCollum

David Collum Background: The Author

“I don’t write about what I know: I write to find out what I know.”
~Patricia Hampl
Every December, I write a Year in Review first posted on Chris Martenson’s website Peak Prosperity with a secondary posting at Zero Hedge What started as a brief introspective shared with a handful of e-quaintances has mutated into a detailed account that has accrued as many as 100,000 clicks. Each year I try to identify themes in events that evolve. As the title suggests, I have not seen a year in which so many risks—some truly existential—piled up so quickly. Each risk has its own, often unknown, probability of morphing into a destructive force. Groping for a metaphor—I love metaphors and similes—I feel like we’re in the final throes of a geopolitical Game of Tetris as financial and political authorities race to place the pieces correctly. But the acceleration is palpable. The proximate trigger for pain and ultimately a collapse can be small, as anyone
who’s ever stepped barefoot on a Lego knows.


“If the world seems to be turning ’round faster than ever, you’re not alone. Grab hold of something, it shows no sign of abating.”
~Josh Brown, CEO of Ritholtz Wealth Management

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