Mother Calls C-SPAN To End Bickering Between Pundit Sons

C-SPAN is famous for its call-in section, which forces pundits to field questions which they have no advance preparation for, but never before has the mother of a pundit called the show.

Brothers Dallas and Brad Woodhouse, who are Republican and Democrat respectively, were conducting a heated debate before their mother, Joyce, called the show to berate them. She gained instant notoriety for taking her boys to task,s just as I’m sure she used to do in the school playground, except this time her dressing down was broadcast to an international audience.

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A very public maternal intervention

Shortly after her call, a video clip was doing the rounds on Facebook Inc and Twitter Inc, with social media users branding her a “hero mom,” and even the “best C-SPAN caller of all time.” A look of sheer surprise can be seen to pass across the pundits’ faces before Dallas utters the immortal line: “Oh God, it’s Mom.”

After telling her boys to stop bickering, Joyce made her plea for a quiet festive period: “I’m hoping you’ll have some of this out of your system when you come here for Christmas. I would really like a peaceful Christmas.” She praised her sons’ passion for political debate, but would definitely prefer if they kept it outside of the house.

Arguments before, during and after the traditional turkey dinner are common in households across the world, whether families are politically divided or not. The scale of appreciation for Joyce’s call for calm may be due to the fact that it struck a chord with so many long-suffering family members.

C-SPAN caller: An unassuming internet sensation

Joyce was herself very surprised by the response to her call, claiming that she didn’t think it would get much attention because it was made to C-SPAN. Little did she know that the video clip would be going viral even as she carried on with her daily chores.

Her new-found internet fame has seen Joyce pressed into service as a consultant on how to defuse dinner-table tensions during Christmas time. One nugget of advice for those of you dealing with particularly loud family members is to book them an appointment for a hearing test. Joyce said: “Dallas is so loud — He went and had his hearing checked, and I was so surprised that there was nothing wrong with him.”