BlackBerry Ltd Phones Still Rule In Frankfurt

BlackBerry Ltd Phones Still Rule In Frankfurt
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BlackBerry Ltd might be struggling globally to regain lost ground, but the company is still very popular in Frankfurt, when it comes to smartphones, says a report from the Wall Street Journal. The financial hub of Germany also known as ‘Bankfurt’ still has lots of BlackBerry fans.

BlackBerry phones popular in this part

Although other financial hubs across the world such as New York and London hardly have any BlackBerry users anymore, the Bold 9900 can be commonly seen in Frankfurt’s restaurant, bars and commuter trains. Also, the State police prefer to use BlackBerry phones and rofessional segment of the city still prefers BlackBerry phones, says the report.

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Franz Schiffer, head of IT infrastructure with the State Police of Hesse said, “To avoid being identified as law enforcement right away, we don’t want to walk around with just BlackBerrys.”

Editor in chief of the Frankfurt Airport magazine Joachim Heppner said that he is very interested in new Classic and has been using BlackBerry phone for many years now. He said that he require his BlackBerry to write e-mails on the go without tons of typos.

BlackBerry could not be happier to know that in a world that has been overtaken by devices from Apple and Samsung, there is a dedicated market of bankers, lawyers and regulators in Frankfurt that appreciate their products.

Germany an important market

According to John Sims, the company’s president of global enterprise solutions, customers of BlackBerry are largely in regulated industries, and the financial sector holds immense importance for them. Sims did accept the fact that some customers ditched BlackBerry phones to have iPhones and Samsung models, but said the Canadian smartphone maker wants to bring them back with easy-tfo-use physical keyboards, which are still popular among BB customers.

The Canadian smartphone maker launched a new device Wednesday, aimed at traditional customers with signature BlackBerry features such as the physical keyboard and trackpad. The new launch is a shift from a general trend in consumer mobile phones toward touch screens. Classic, which is the latest model from BlackBerry, is targeting Bold 9900 fans.

Germany is an important market for BlackBerry, said Sims, and added that the market is not only important because of its financial institutions, but also for its manufacturing sector, which is highly interested in protecting intellectual property.

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